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My friend Doug Finegood, a fellow Flintstones aficionado, sent me this link with a cartoon version of Weird Al Yankovic. It melds perfectly my love of all things Bedrockian with the reality of filming our Christopher R. Mihm B-movies! Check it out.—Sid


Just for fun, I wanted to share this video. I like to call it the Red Hot Chili Poobahs’ Anthem to Bedrock. It’s only relation to pets is a mention of the Flintstones’ doggy Dino, but that’s OK. As you may know, we have an infamous Flintstones shrine in our basement and refer to it in our dance instruction business Two Right Feet Dance’s motto: “Forget Fred and Ginger—We’ll have you dancing like Fred and Wilma in no time!”—Sid

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