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Someone recorded the majority of the 100 Westies parading down a main street in Wayzata, MN, dressed as firefighters during the James J. Hill Days celebration’s Westie Walk Parade.

The challenge is to find us. If you look closely at the upper left corner, starting at about 43 seconds in, you can see my husband Anthony Kaczor coming. His shirt is a lighter red than the bulk of the T-shirts being worn and has little sailboats all over it, and he has on black shorts. I’m slightly ahead of him and to the right, mostly obscured by other people and with my head cut off. (I never looked better, believe me!) My blouse is a deeper red than that of the T-shirts of most of the participants, and I’m wearing a black skirt and tights. We are each walking two of our dogs apiece, Keely & Ambrose and Blanche & Oliver, respectively.


Check out the firefighter costumes on some wonderful Westies at this weekend’s Westie Walk Parade, as part of the annual James J. Hill Days celebration in Wayzata, MN. (It is always held the first Sunday following Labor Day, which, coincidentally, also happens to be National Pet Memorial Day.) The dogs’ garb was chosen to commemorate our first responders in the 9/11 tragedy and to honor the rescue professions for their fine work everyday. Thank you all!!!

Unfortunately, our pups were not personally videotaped this time, as there were 100 dogs present, but I’m including below the video link the sign we held while walking to generate interest in animal adoption. Below each pooch’s picture is his/her name and where we adopted him/her from. We thought this was especially appropriate given that the firefighter costumes they wore are all about “rescue.”—Sid

P.S. Turn off the video right after the dogs’ spot. It goes on awhile afterward but has nothing more to do with the Westie Walk.

WCCO Westie Walk Coverage

Rescues Rule!!!

P.P.S. A gentleman we met at the parade recognized our dogs’ photo and exclaimed, “I took that off the (Westie Walk) Facebook page—it’s my screen saver!” The awesome photo is by my good friend Susan Timmerman.

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