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In my work with animals and the people who love them, I am privileged to make the acquaintance of many terrific, dedicated individuals who devote their time and talents to animals in a wide variety of capacities. I decided, just this minute, actually, to occasionally spotlight one of them in my blog just to give you a sense of who they are and what kinds of services/products they have to offer. I am not endorsing any particular philosophy, practice or product by doing this, mind you. I’m merely introducing you to these individuals and letting you take things from there if you choose.

The first Pet Pro I’d like you to meet is animal communicator Lori Spanga. She has kindly provided two YouTube videos, one that explains what animal communication entails and a second one that is of an actual session, which, she tells me, works on animals who have passed over as well. —Sid

Lori Spanga


Lori Spagna radically transformed her life after a series of near-death experiences while living in Maui.  She is an animal communicator and canine behavioral expert who assists animal lovers, trainers, behaviorists, vets, pet store owners, rescue workers, groomers and anyone else involved in the pet loving community to better understand and serve the animals they work with and live with. She also provides seminars, presentations and workshops and leads powerful manifestation circles using The Universal Laws to help people and their pets uncover their true power and live their best lives ever!  For more information, you can visit: or or
This first video talks about what animal communication is and how it works. Ms. Spanga is going to be teaching a Learn to Communicate with Animals course in February for those who would like to learn.
This video is of a real animal communication session.

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