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Just for fun, I wanted to share this video. I like to call it the Red Hot Chili Poobahs’ Anthem to Bedrock. It’s only relation to pets is a mention of the Flintstones’ doggy Dino, but that’s OK. As you may know, we have an infamous Flintstones shrine in our basement and refer to it in our dance instruction business Two Right Feet Dance’s motto: “Forget Fred and Ginger—We’ll have you dancing like Fred and Wilma in no time!”—Sid


You may or may not be aware that I am a Flintstones-ophile. Our cave-like basement in our 1886 Victorian house has long been converted to a shrine to those beloved Bedrockians. (It’s been featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Old Times newspapers and on KSTP TV’s “On the Road with Jason Davis.”)

Yabba Dabba Doo!! Today is the 50th anniversary of the series!! My husband and I teach beginning social dance in our home and our Two Right Feet Dance motto—”Forget Fred and Ginger, we’ll have you dancing like Fred and Wilma in no time!”—is derived from my love of this classic animated series.

Here’s a trivia challenge for you: What was the name of the foreign maid the Flintstones had for a short time, until Fred’s deplorable singing made her flee?

I’ll post all (non-offensive) guesses here, so contact me from my website’s contact page!

This piece was written regarding my hubby’s and my other business, Two Right Feet Dance, where our motto is “Forget Fred and Ginger—We’ll have you dancing like Fred and Wilma in No Time!” Last year, we hosted our first Geezer Gala, and it’s back by popular demand. It’s happening Sat., March 20, so if you’re reading this and you are in the Twin Cities area, please join us! (By the way, it’s Sid Korpi and Anthony Kaczor; the publisher was unaware of the last name difference.)

Tales from the Chair – MN: Sid and Anthony Korpi

By Vivanista – March 17, 2010

geezergalaregularEvent: 2nd Annual Geezer Gala
Date: Saturday, March 20, 2010
Chairs: Sid and Anthony Korpi
Beneficiary: Alzheimer’s Association of Minnesota
Event411: A ’50s-style sock hop benefit with music by Rich & the Resistors, drive-in movies, fabulous photo ops, and a silent auction.

Co-chairing an event can be tricky, especially if you’ve chaired big fundraisers solo. When it comes to collaborating, how do you divide and conquer?

Sid: There’s not much of a problem, I do 99.9% of the work, organizing and marketing, beforehand and make Anthony make the flyer copies. I make him be my indentured servant during the physical setup.

What’s new for this year’s event?

Sid: We’re having a silent auction with reto/’50s-related items, as well as a Name That Tune competition and Drive-in Movie Photo Ops, featuring the wonderful B-movies of local director Christopher Mihm. People can have themselves Photoshopped into a vintage convertible with “Terror from Beneath the Earth” playing on the “drive-in movie screen” in the background.

Why do guests like this event?

Sid: They get to revisit their youth (or simply play dress up for those of us who are a smidge too young to actually remember the ‘50s). It’s a delightful, freeing time, filled with wonderful music, provided by Rich and the Resistors, and fabulous dancing. They’re out having a nostalgic time and their so-called cover charge is going to a wonderful cause, supporting their local Alzheimer’s Association’s support and education programs. They can feel very good about being there and doing their part to help others who are facing such a debilitating disease themselves or through a loved one.

Anthony: We’ve lost several friends and family members to Alzheimer’s. I know it feels good to be honoring them at this event, too.

Where did you gain your fundraising experience?

Sid: I’ve been hosting such events since I was a child. I started out holding Muscular Dystrophy Carnivals in my back yard. I’ve done zillions of walkathons, garbage cleanups, etc. for charitable causes along the way.

Anthony: I was the president of my church’s men’s club for many years, so I’m accustomed to organizing things for large groups and soliciting donations. I’m never shy to ask for contributions for good causes.

sockhopWhat is one fundraising tip you’ve learned that you’re willing to share?

Sid: Treat your volunteers well so they’ll be willing to help again in the future. Also, keep track of everywhere you’ve successfully advertised for free in the past.

The one word that best describes you?

Sid: Overachieving

Anthony: Enthusiastic

What is your greatest extravagance?

Sid: Having seven pets: three rescued Westies, Ambrose, Blanche and Keely; two rescued cats, Giles and Xander; and two finches, Atticus and Scout.

Anthony: Owning a 1990 Cadillac Brougham; I can usually only afford to drive it to weddings and funerals.

What famous person, living or not, would you like to have dinner with?

Sid: Henry David Thoreau

Anthony: Steve McQueen, I’m obsessed with “Bullitt”

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