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Author Nancy Johnson just shared with me info on her book Recycled Love: Foster Dogs Have Tales Too. It looks wonderful, and I personally thank her and others like her who help so many needful critters by opening their hearts and homes, temporarily, to these animals. As seen by my eight rescued pets, I acknowledge I’d be a perpetual Foster Failure and adopt every one who crossed my threshold. It takes a particular strength and selflessness to foster animals and release them to their forever homes. Bless your hearts!—Sid


What fun! I got to write and record a radio commercial for my dear friend Cathy Menard and her business, The Urban Dog, pet-sitting & dog-walking service in the Twin Cities area. It’s being aired on Air America radio (AM 950) here in Minnesota and can be heard archived on The Pet Playground radio show with Sage Lewis, the Creature Teacher.

My cohort on the commercial is our mutual buddy, John Leininger. Give us a listen.]

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