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Stories such as this just further support my belief that souls recognize one another instantly regardless of the physical form they take in any particular lifetime.—Sid


I recently received this thought-provoking query from a good friend of mine. I invite readers to weigh in with their opinions on the matter.—Sid

Hey Sid –

As a wise woman and an animal professional – would love to hear your take on the friendships that form between different species on our planet. The internet abounds with video documentation of such relationships and frankly, I’m just fascinated. Got one last week about an elephant and a dog.

And when the dog was sick and not able to play, the elephant was visibly depressed. It brought tears to my eyes! And now this one (attached) with a kitten and a fawn.

I can’t help but think there’s something greater or bigger than we as mere humans can conceive or understand. What are your thoughts?



Hi Susan,

As for the cross-species friendships, I, too, find them heartwarming and touching. Just as when we read stories of human beings of differing races/religions/ages, etc. seeing beyond the bounds of how society defines them to become true friends, I think this occasionally happens among animals, too. Perhaps this is specifically to teach us humans a lesson about tolerance and love. Perhaps, too, these are two souls that have traveled together in the past and reconnected in this lifetime utilizing these particular animate bodies. The loving connection they’d once shared transcends the expected norms of their species. Sadly, it’s not something we can count on occurring among all animals (or even humans) at any point. But, it’s the very uniqueness of the occurrences that give them their poignancy and make us take notice.

That’s my best guess anyway. 🙂



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