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Introducing my latest creative venture: I’ve joined the acting troupe known as the Murder Mystery Co. I LOVE doing interactive theater, so this is my dream gig. As there is a sizable group of actors portraying the available roles, I work sporadically. The dates of my appearances will be posted on my website at Please check this site if you’re in the Twin Cities area, specifically near the Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant in Minneapolis. NOTE: You may have to purchase tickets a fair ways out because these shows tend to sell out fast. I can give you a 50% off coupon if you email me directly at and request it. At the end of August, we will have finished up the show “‘Til Death Do Us Part,” in which I’ve played Miss Prissy Dorite, wedding planner; Anita Goodman, maid of honor (shown below with fellow actor, Patrick Genelli as Bob Wire, best man/Peter Ness, detective); and Summer McDonald, Bridezilla.


Come September, I will be playing Oola La, a French maid (and possibly Mary-Katen Ashley, production assistant) in the 1930s-Hollywood-set show “Best Laid Plans.” One of my costars will occasionally be Justen Overlander (Ray from “House of Ghosts” and star/writer/director of “The Bequeather,” a comedy currently in postproduction in which I play Goldie). In the new Murder Mystery Co. show, he will portray Warren Peace, movie producer.

I would love to meet any of my readers in person at/after one of these shows. They are such a fun experience! I get paid to flirt with and/or abuse people. What could be better suited to me?

Just for fun, here’s a shot of me with my husband, Anthony, in the show “Crime and Punishment,” wherein I was an audience member who won a Best Actress award (my SECOND), which prompted me to join the cast. My character’s name was Jenna Side, Russian spy and assassin. All shows are directed by Jody Bee.



Many thanks to the fine folks who worked so tirelessly to bring visual arts to the Pine City, Minn., public in their 2nd Annual Highway 61 Film Festival. We were honored to have been present on Day 3 of the screenings to introduce writer/director Christopher R. Mihm’s B&W 1950s-drive-in-style B-movie homage to William Castle (The Tingler, House on Haunted Hill), House of Ghosts. We were even more pleased to be able to accept on his behalf the award for Best Action/Horror Feature Film! Mihm was unable to attend because he was busy filming his upcoming movie, The Giant Spider. From the cast and crew of House of Ghosts, we say THANK YOU!!


I’m also pleased to announce that I was awarded Best Actress award for the Murder Mystery Company’s production of “‘Til Death Do Us Part,” an interactive dinner-theater comdedy production at which I, an audience member, was “cast” as Anita Goodman (phonetically: I need a good man) the maid of honor. A delightful time was had by all, and I got this really cool certificate as a souvenir:

My hubby Anthony (“Reginald,” father of the bride) and me as the maid of honor.

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