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An urgent message from Sue Storms about a pair of Westies in need of a new home. More info and photos to come soon, but those who wish to inquire may email me and I’ll forward your query to Ms. Storms. —Sid

Dear Little White Terrier Families,

More information and photos will be coming soon, but I wanted to get word out to you right away on these two boys.

Marshmallow and Rocket are 2 Westie brothers, age 11, that need a new home. They do not have to remain together, however that would be ideal.

These guys are good with kids and other dogs. 

Think about opening up a “retirement home” for one or both of these guys or pass on the word to somebody else you know that may be interested.

Remember that older dogs can still enjoy life and give YOU lots of joy as well. They deserve to have a loving home and a caring family just as much as a younger dog.

I’ll share more info on these brothers in the next few days…….



I recently posted a request for a retirement home needed by a 14-year-old Westie whose owner had died. Well, Miss Paisley found her final forever home with Sue Storms of the Little White Terriers group here in Minnesota. Just wanted to praise Sue for bringing about such a happy ending and show off Paisley in her charming new outfit. This is one sweet and classy little dog!


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