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My pet-book-author colleague, Jenny Pavlovic, asked me to extend her invitation to this terrific-sounding class.—Sid

Jenny wrote:

This class is taught by instructors from Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute in Colorado. This is a unique opportunity to take this class in Minnesota. There are no prerequisites. You can find more info at Thanks!


Click on the Petlitzer Prize link above to read the terrific winning entries for round two, the short stories contest! Fabulous job, winners! And special thanks to all the creative writers who entered. We judges really did have to agonize to pick the finalists. You’re all deserving of praise for your efforts.—Sid

This letter was sent to me by my friend/colleague, fellow-pet-book author Jenny Pavlovic. It not only presents good info about an animal rescue organization worth knowing about, it also offers great ideas for how you can contribute to this or a similar organization in your geographic area. Please consider giving of your time and talents in some small way to save animals in desperate need of homes.—Sid

Dear friends,

In December I was fortunate to meet Brandi Tracy and Robin Romano of Braveheart Rescue Inc. in Hastings, MN, an all breed dog rescue ( I even got to meet Braveheart himself, Brandi’s inspiration for deciding to rescue and rehabilitate dogs full time ( I hadn’t been aware of Braveheart Rescue before, but they are practically in my own backyard. In the past month they’ve stepped up to help three cattle dogs that likely wouldn’t have had another chance, Journey (formerly Pilgrim) the blue female from Kentucky, Bernie the blue heartworm+ male from Louisiana (who arrives today!), and a male from Alabama (yet to arrive). When I delivered Journey to Braveheart, I had the opportunity to see the facility and meet the wonderful dogs in their care.

Brandi is truly a dog whisperer, who lets the dogs learn to be dogs again. She socializes them together and rehabilitates them. They each have their own kennel space and get to run and play with other dogs during the day. They get the veterinary care they need, and are spayed or neutered. Braveheart adopts them out to wonderful new homes (see adoptable pet list at

Robin Romano adopted a dog from Braveheart and was so impressed that she decided to help. She is now heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of Braveheart and is Brandi’s biggest supporter. I was so impressed with Braveheart that I decided to get involved too.

Brandi used to run a boarding kennel, but followed her heart into rescuing and rehabilitating dogs. She formally started full-time in rescue in January of 2008, although she combined rescue with boarding even before that. Braveheart’s 501(c)(3) status was approved in the fall of 2008. To date, Brandi has rescued 240+ dogs who might not have had another chance, from Minnesota and as far away as New Mexico and Louisiana. 223 have been adopted out, 17+ are in the rescue right now, and 6 are considered permanent residents.

Braveheart is a unique place that truly makes a difference for dogs who might not have had another chance. Brandi has gone to great personal risk to found Braveheart and keep it running smoothly. She needs our support to help Braveheart grow, so they can help many more dogs have a chance at a wonderful new life. I think this is Brandi’s true calling and I’m seeking support for Braveheart Rescue in the following forms:

Volunteers…to help on a regular basis with any or all of the following:

Take care of the dogs: Take them outside, clean kennels, pick up poop outside, give meds, help take stitches out, set up vet appointments and transport to and from. Help with the dogs is needed from 8 am to noon on a regular basis.

New dogs: Arrange to take dogs from their current locations (shelter, animal control, etc), help coordinate transport (often the sending shelter or rescue volunteers will do this), call sending vet to arrange for health certificate vaccinations (so the dog can be transported to Braveheart), pick up new dogs from transports

Home visits: Perform home visits to check out new homes, as needed (information will be provided)

Adoption events: Help take dogs to and from adoption events and volunteer at events (currently on weekends at, coordinate Petco and other adoption events i.e.: 2nd St. Marketplace

Training: Help positively train dogs, to make them more easily adoptable and help train people to work well with dogs

Supplies and laundry: Help with daily laundry, keep track of and order medications and vet supplies, order pet supplies, pick up and transport food, bedding, donated items, ink and office paper, cleaning supplies, chairs, straw to Braveheart

Administrative: Answer phones, answer questions about dogs, answer emails, set up and staff and appointments for meet and greets (when people come out to meet the dogs), complete paperwork for adoption applications, connect with other rescues re: placing dogs, post dogs and make calls for dogs we can’t take

Advertising and Publicity: TV, radio, newspapers (“Dog of the Week ” ), Chamber email blasts, signs, advertising, videos, photo shoots, post flyers, newsletter, create online site email blasts re: events and send, in general help get the word out about Braveheart

Financial support: Give and/or seek cash donations, make connections with corporations who may provide financial support, volunteer with Braveheart and seek matching grant from your corporation, seek potential donors

Funding Resources: Help write grant applications (experience preferred), apply for contests, apply for free pet food to shelters, help find more funding sources

Fundraiser/Event support: Help plan, organize, and run events, find venues, seek donated items for events, create online fliers, create and distribute paper fliers, seek donated items for silent auctions and raffles, book bands – coordinate with venue, help with food and drinks, staff the Braveheart booth, find volunteers for events (upcoming events include February 5th, March 12th and 13th, and more—see this page for more info

Website: Keep current, add and change events, move dogs who’ve been adopted, take photos (crop and resize), write bios, upload to website, upload to Petfinder, 800 save a pet and Pet Portal, manage online sites, post to Facebook daily

Dog Records: Help maintain Excel spreadsheet database for dog records, organize computer files of scanned dog/vet records for current residents and dogs who have been adopted out (and reference file names in Excel file)

Bookwork and Financial Recordkeeping: General help with financial records and banking (experience preferred)

Maintenance: Purchase necessary supplies, paint and maintain bus, help as needed with washer and dryer, furnace, A.C., computers, phones, fencing, kennels, etc.

Donate: Cash or items as needed (see wish list at the bottom of this page

Volunteers: Recruit more volunteers

Surely you have talents that would be helpful to Braveheart Rescue. Please contact Brandi at 612-382-4234 if you will help with any of the above, if you’d like to visit Braveheart, and if you have any other ideas to help Braveheart. Please also feel free to reply to me with any questions. We appreciate your support! Thank you!

Jenny Pavlovic

8 State Kate Press, LLC

Cultivating animal well-being and positive human-animal bonds




Please listen and/or call in to Nadia Giordana’s Blog Talk Radio interview with me and Jenny Pavlovic, author of the award-winning book “8 State Hurricane Kate” and “Not Without My Dog Resource and Record Book” today at 4 p.m. Central. We’ll be discussing pet loss and pet rescue, respectively. If you miss it, the show will be available in archived form indefinitely thereafter and will be posted on my Radio Interviews page on this site‘s blog.

Jenny Pavlovic and her awesome dogs

Click this link to read about Jenny’s mysterious lab coat as it relates to Christopher R. Mihm’s B-movie “Attack of the Moon Zombies” (trust me, it’s cool!)

Fun-loving Spirit Guides Put Their Seal of Approval on the B-Movie Project

As the latest, greatest Christopher R. Mihm movie production gets underway, for “Attack of the Moon Zombies,” there are already signs that this film has received a heavenly thumbs-up!

Last night, Sept. 7, 2010, my husband Anthony and I went to the director’s house to do a fitting for our costumes. Anthony has to wear a lab coat in one scene, and Chris was digging through a ginormous box of donated coats to find one that fit Anthony. He pulled out one that was buried in the middle of the pile and had Anthony try it on. It was a perfect fit.

I took one look at it, got goosebumps and literally screamed.

Embroidered above one breast pocket was the name “Jenny Pavlovic.

Ms. Pavlovic is the award-winning author of “8 State Hurricane Kate” and “Not Without My Dog Resource and Record Book,” and she and I are both going to be guests on Nadia Giordana’s Blog Talk Radio show on the 14th and sharing a booth at the Goldzilla fund-raiser for RAGOM (Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota) rescue organization on the 18th in Shoreview, Minn.! We met shortly after my book, “Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss,” came out last fall at a fund-raiser for the Minnesota Pet Project and have been friends, allies, and colleagues ever since!

I knew she had a scientific/technical background by profession, but to see that her retired lab coat had found its way into that director’s basement and onto my hubby was too uncanny to pass off as mere coincidence. (We have a couple photos of the lab coat in question, but Chris has forbidden us to post them yet.)

But that wasn’t all that happened that night to give us signs that this movie is going to be phenomenal. Anthony and I had to hurry to the Rosedale JCPenney’s 15 minutes before it closed to buy some classic-looking men’s pajamas for Anthony’s second scene. When we were checking out, I burbled to the teen-aged cashier that these PJs would be in a 1950s-drive-in-style B-movie, and she wanted information about it.

She said she was genuinely interested because her grandfather had written a horror movie script in the late ’50s—a little thing called “Carnival of Souls“!!!!! A CLASSIC among B-movies!!! It’s one of the first ones I’d watched on my DVD collection of classic horror films and have read glowing things about it in film magazines and books!

I raced home and called Chris immediately. I knew he’d be familiar with the movie, and when I told him about it, he appropriately gasped and said, “Oh my God!”

I said, “I KNOW, right?”

He said, “Did you get her contact information?”

I said, “No, but I gave her yours. … Can you even stand how cool this is?!!!! First the lab coat with Jenny Pavlovic’s name on it and now ‘Carnival of Souls’!!”

I also reminded him: “It’s like that time (last June) I woke up in the morning and simply knew I had to go to Ricky’s Embers restaurant in Fridley (which is about 15 miles from my house; not exactly convenient) and when I sat down next to a pile of previously read newspapers to wait for my to-go order, I looked down and found your (Chris’s) face staring up at me!”

I had been trying to get a hold of the issue of the Minneapolis Star Tribune that had featured him and the Heights Theatre premiere of his movie “Destination: Outer Space,” but because it was specific to the northern suburbs and I live in South Minneapolis, I didn’t think I’d find it. I pitched such a spazzy fit over the sheer grooviness of this supernormal occurrence, I got permission from the waiter to steal this copy if I’d just take my food and leave!

I said, “You hire me for a project and it’s going to have a bunch of Spirit Guides supporting it.”

He said, “That’s certainly true!” or something affirmative to that effect. I am paraphrasing a teensy bit. Give me a break. I was and am über excited!

Now, if all this evidence of the magical, mystical sanctioning of this movie doesn’t convince you to become an associate producer and get screen credit for super cheap, I don’t know what will!

Among other great screening events, Saturday, Oct. 30, there will be a five-Mihm-movie marathon at the Grand Little Theater in Eau Claire, Wis. and he will be showing the first-ever sneak peek at a scene from “Attack of the Moon Zombies.” Come in costume and make a day trip of it if you can. Half of the proceeds will go directly to fund the production of the movie.

Join me and my fellow author Jenny Pavlovic at this special event one of my personal favorite days, Friday the 13th! We’ll both be at the School House, reading excerpts from “Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss” and “8 State Hurricane Kate,” respectively.
A fun bit of trivia: Author Mary Logue, who is headlining the event, was once a Loft Literary Center writing teacher/editor of mine (in the late 1980s), whose guidance led me to win First Place for Extended Fiction in the Powderhorn Writers Festival for an excerpt from my book, a novel titled “The Distance Between Two Points.” I’m very excited to see her again after all these years and thank her profusely for her early encouragement! —Sid

Historic Stockholm School House 7pm

Admission $5
Authors Pete Hautman, Mary Logue, John Graber & friends along with musician Nicolas Kees will take you on a rollicking romp of reading as you taste wine and cheese under the stars. There will be non-alcoholic and kids drinks on hand. This casual evening is a great way to connect with both writers and dog lovers. A great start to a great weekend in Stockholm.

Bandstand Events in the Park 10am-6pmAdmission $3. If planning to bring your dog please see guidlines. {download guidelines/waiver here}

10:00 Pat Kessler of WCCO TV along with Rupert and Shelby will open with a welcome.
10:15 “Blessing of the Pups”
10:30 Cooking healthy for your dog
11:15 Showcase first adoptable pup
11:20 Student Reading
11:30 Showcase second adoptable pup
11:35 Pet tricks and pet singing
11:45 Music by The Ditchlilies
12:30 “Smarty Paws” Dog Parade and Contest (costume optional)
1:00 Captain Crunch the Buffalo County Police dog will demonstrate his work
1:30 Music by The Ditchlilies
2:15 Captain Crunch the Buffalo County Police dog will demonstrate his work
2:55 Showcase third adoptable pup
3:00 Open reading and music with dog-related theme
3:45 Authors reading from the books, which will be on display and for sale
4:15 Everything you wanted to know about what to feed your dogs and what not to feed them
4:45 Showcase fourth and fifth adoptable dogs
4:50 Guest Speaker: “What happens when we recue a dog?”
5:15 Music in the Park

6:00 Park events draw to a close until next year…
Writers Workshops 10am-4pm

Cost $100. Includes workshops, Friday evening’s wine & cheese gathering and a Saturday evening event featuring Wisconsin novelist David Rhodes, followed by a musical literary tribute to the arts.

{download workshop descriptions, author bios and registration form here}
10:00-11:30 Session One

Choose between:

Poetry workshop with John Graber, author of Thanksgiving Dawn and two chapbooks
Fiction workshop with Mary Logue, author of many novels and the Claire Watkins mystery series
11:30-1:30 Free time, lunch and Dog Parade in Stockholm Park
1:30-2:30 Session Two

Choose between:

Poetry lecture with Katrina Vandenberg, award-winning poet, author of Atlas
Fiction lecture with Faith Sullivan Author of many novels, including The Cape Ann
3:00-4:00 Session Three

Choose between:

Ben Barnhart, Editor, Milkweed Editions
Marsha Chall, award-winning children’s book author of Up North at the Cabin
Nonfiction lecture by Paul Larson, author of historical non-fiction, including Mississippi Escapade

“This book is a must-have for all dog lovers and would make a great gift. There is nothing else like it!

—Dr. Marty Becker, “America’s Veterinarian”
When I couldn’t find the book I wanted for my dogs, I decided to make it myself. This book includes everything you need for your dog, with a records section, a resources section, and tips for understanding your dog better. Click here to look inside the book. Click here to view the book trailer video. Click here to order.

For daily use, travel, and emergencies, this compact book has everything in one place. The Records section has space for vet records, plus everything someone would need to know about your dog. It also includes “Hound Bites”, words of wisdom from the dogs themselves. The Resources section includes information on how to use a microchip effectively, how to prevent your dog from getting lost, how to make a disaster plan for your family and pets (with info from Noahs’ Wish,), traveling with your dog, basic first aid tips, and more. Features include a hard cover, concealed wire-o binding to lay flat for writing, archive-quality pages for inserting photos, tabbed pages marking individual sections, and a sealed pocket for storing important records. And… it’s MADE IN THE U.S.A.!!

The Not Without My Dog Resource & Record Book is available at the special online price of $25 through April 30th (suggested retail price $28.95). Save $12.95 when you purchase the Not Without My Dog Resource & Record Book with the award-winning 8 State Hurricane Kate: The Journey and Legacy of a Katrina Cattle Dog (usually $18.95)—buy both books for just $34.95 through April 30th. Books are expected to ship in June. You may also donate a book to the Humane Society of Louisiana or Noah’s Wish (free shipping for donated books). Available from 8 State Kate Press exclusively at

Click here to order.

I was at the Pet Project’s MN Pet Food Drive to supply local food shelves with food for hungry four-legged family members who are suffering right along with their humans during this recession. One of my co-vendors there was The Dog Perk, creators of fun, unique T-shirts, sweatshirts and other products for dog lovers.

My personal favorite (for which I’ve put in a Christmas gift request with my hubby) is “Dirtiness is next to Dogliness.” Give them a look-see, as well as the pet portraits of Sarah Beth Photography, personalized products of Personalized Pooch—more about these two on my blog’s Pet Loss Memorial Products page—and the touching, profound book, 8 State Hurricane Kate, (below) by Jenny Pavlovic. My thanks to them all for supporting the Pet Food Drive.

I’ll be sure to let you know when I learn how much food was collected at this event.

Here’s what I learned from Lisa at Fetch Delivers, one of the event’s sponsors:

Looks like we just met our goal of 10,000#’s (American Agco gave me 3000+lbs for the event) And over $800 raised and counting, as Fetch will donate some proceeds from the promo we offered to the event goers.

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