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And while you’re at it, order your tickets to this film’s May 23rd premiere. Tickets are more than 3/4 sold out already!

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HOUSE OF GHOSTS Official Trailer
Friday, March 16, 2012
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By: Kyle Reese

HOUSE OF GHOSTS Official Trailer

So, I was checking out Youtube and noticed Christopher R. Mihn uploaded a trailer for his film HOUSE OF GHOSTS. After watching the trailer I came to this conclusion…awesome. Christopher captured that old school horror film trailer feel and it reminded me of an old DVD I loved that should old movie trailers and promotion stunts. The film is not trying to be anything other than an homage to those films. Even the use of the prop skeleton in the trailer was effective and I like that he used the old school text.

The film is written/ directed by Christopher R. Mihn and stars Mike Cook, Justen Overlander, Michael Kaiser, Sid Korpi, Mark Scanlan, Stephanie Mihm, Mark Haider and Catherine Hansen.

The trailer states May 23, 2012 as a date I am guessing for a DVD release, but we will try to find out more info about the film. Until then check out the trailer for HOUSE OF GHOSTS after the jump.

Official website: HouseOfGhosts

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