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So sorry to have missed the Carver Scott Humane Society’s Walk Fur Love event yesterday. There were thunderstorms predicted all over and from my soggy experience the day before at the Helping Paws event, I knew my books couldn’t risk another possible soaking, so I begged off. I am glad to report that they had a terrific turnout of walkers despite the weather! Yeah! All the CSHS folks’ hard work needed to be rewarded. I’d have followed through if it were just me and my dogs walking in the rain. It’s just that even with a canopy overhead, super high moisture in the air will curl the pages of my books and I can’t be selling damaged goods. Again, my apologies for backing out at the last minute. I am so happy things turned out well for the humane society’s fund-raising anyway!


Me (Sid Korpi—L) with Elaine Garley of Animal Connections

Elaine Garley of Animal Bridges and I shared my new canopy as we set up today in a heavy downpour for this fund-raising event for Helping Paws. Luckily, the rain let up for the various races, but then it came back as we packed up. I was impressed by the number of people: volunteers, vendors, and participants and their dogs, who showed up given the inclement weather. If you had wanted to be there but couldn’t stand the rain, you can still donate to the cause by visiting the Helping Paws website.

Come and see me this weekend at one of these great fund-raising events. Go to my site and click on the Appearances page for all the info! See you there!—Sid

CSHS Walk Fur Love, Sunday, May 22

Helping Paws Wag, Walk and Run event Saturday, May 21

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