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Actress Shannon McDonnough (as Zita) expresses what you’ll look like if you don’t act now and miss out on the chance to see Christopher R. Mihm’s latest 1950s drive-in-style B-movie: “The Giant Spider.”

Advance tickets to “The Giant Spider” premiere—Wed., May 22, 2013 at the Heights Theatre—were put on sale yesterday (Feb. 21, 2o13) and the theater is already two-thirds SOLD OUT!! Order your tickets IMMEDIATELY at if you hope to make this one-of-a-kind event! (I have a small role in this, but I have BIG ’50s hair. Always worth seeing!)

Click here to watch the official movie trailer:


Learn what’s happening in the Mihmiverse, namely, the filming of his latest B-movie, “The Giant Spider.”

Many thanks to the fine folks who worked so tirelessly to bring visual arts to the Pine City, Minn., public in their 2nd Annual Highway 61 Film Festival. We were honored to have been present on Day 3 of the screenings to introduce writer/director Christopher R. Mihm’s B&W 1950s-drive-in-style B-movie homage to William Castle (The Tingler, House on Haunted Hill), House of Ghosts. We were even more pleased to be able to accept on his behalf the award for Best Action/Horror Feature Film! Mihm was unable to attend because he was busy filming his upcoming movie, The Giant Spider. From the cast and crew of House of Ghosts, we say THANK YOU!!


I’m also pleased to announce that I was awarded Best Actress award for the Murder Mystery Company’s production of “‘Til Death Do Us Part,” an interactive dinner-theater comdedy production at which I, an audience member, was “cast” as Anita Goodman (phonetically: I need a good man) the maid of honor. A delightful time was had by all, and I got this really cool certificate as a souvenir:

My hubby Anthony (“Reginald,” father of the bride) and me as the maid of honor.

What a fabulous idea! Christopher R. Mihm is having a contest among several bands to submit an original theme song for his upcoming B-movie, “The Giant Spider.” Original music hasn’t been utilized in his movies since he wrote and performed his own pieces (as Echodriver) in “The Monster of Phantom Lake” (“A-Rockin’ A-rollin’ All the Way a Ramblin'”) and “It Came from Another World!” (“Paddlin’ Along”).—Sid

Acoustic Fury Records working with filmmaker Christopher R. Mihm!!!!

Hey All!!  Growing up and to this day I’ve been a huge horror and sci-fi film buff!  Acoustic Fury Records now has the opportunity to delve into that world!!!  The Acoustic Fury stable of bands have been given the opportunity to work with filmmaker Christopher R. Mihm on his new film “The Giant Spider”

Christopher R. Mihm is the writer, director, and producer of the films of the “Mihmiverse,” a series of award winning, loosely interlinked feature-length films styled after 1950s-era “drive-in cinema.”  (

The Acoustic Fury bands have been asked to all write a theme song for “The Giant Spider”.  The bands involved are POPS, Bad Horse, Stella Royale, The Reverend LordRifa, The Noise Abatement Society, The Night Hobbs, and Dead Cat Zoe.  Each band will submit thier own take on what they think a theme for a 1950′s-era film called “The Giant Spider” would sound like!!

Once all tracks are submitted to Mihm, he will pick the track that best fits his movie!!  I’ll be posting updates on this as they come here at the news blog and on the Acoustic Fury Records facebook page

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Christopher Mihm for this opportunity!!!!!!!

For more info on Saint Euphoria Films and the films of Christopher R. Mihm please visit

Also don’t forget to visit!!!!!!

Info 101: At the movies 168: House of Ghosts-an eerie thriller

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The newest film by local director/producer/writer Christopher R. Mihm has a flaw which is not shared by any recent Hollywood production.  It’s too good.  This opinion can be twisted sideways to mean it’s not cheesy enough for someone whose reputation is built on cheesiness.  “House of Ghosts” is intended to be a tribute to the films of Willim Castle (“The House on Haunted Hill”).  It is that and more, featuring the talents of several local actors with whom Mihm has worked in previous films.

In keeping with an established ‘NO SPOILERS’ policy, the film’s outline will be very basic.  Isaac (Mark Scanlan) and Leigh (Sid Korpi) are a wealthy couple who delight in throwing parties for their circle of friends.  On this particular evening, they have contracted a spiritual medium (Andrew Wilkins).  Although this idea is scoffed at, the medium proceeds to open a portal to the afterworld.  He warns his audience that there is no way to control who-or what-comes through.  His departure is almost heralded by the arrival of a massive winter storm that prevents anyone from leaving the house.

Things take a severe left turn from there as the guests are forced to confront their own demons and mortality.  This is where Mihm’s true talent as a director takes over.  He has worked with most of these actors so often he doesn’t have to direct so much as guide.  More than any other film, Mihm allows the action to dictate the story and the cast to dictate the action.  This allows the audience to feel like they’re watching it live and in person.

That is the essencer of what makes this film “too good”.  Mihm stays faithful to all of his signatures–a personal appearance, a “Star Wars” reference, backward hints to his previous films and music that is integral to the storyline.  Time cannot move quickly enough toward next Memorial Day and the release of his next project-“The Giant Spider”.  “House of Ghosts” can be purchased on DVD at

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