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I thought I had emailed you last week after the movie [“House of Ghosts”] but I never sent it!  We all had a great time and loved the movie!  You are a SUPER STAR J!!!!  You really did a great job Sid, everyone did, but you in particular shine very bright.  The kids just think you are the best movie star!  Anthony couldn’t be a bigger sweet heart!  He did great too and those babies of yours….so funny the way they kept getting switched out, and I laughed my fool head off when the scene where one of the dogs [SPOILER REMOVED!!!]…seriously!

Everyone thinks Christopher is fabulous, myself included.  I brought an assortment of my friends who I thought would enjoy it and they ALL LOVED IT!!
Please tell Christopher we all love his sense of humor and appreciate his vision, he has gained another bunch of groupies with this lot and they will be telling their friends I assure you.

Can’t wait for the next one!!  Giant Spider..HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Sid,

Kate L.


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