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Just four days left to get your submissions in to the Petlitzer Prize writing contest. Start your story with “It was a dark and stormy night, and my [pet]…” to possibly win accolades, a medallion, and a live reading on Dog Works Radio. May 31 is the deadline! Click on the Petlitzer Prize Round 4 link above for all the info.


Stop procrastinating, pet writers! We need your entries to the current round of the Petlitzer Prize contest by May 31st. Start out your short story with “It was a dark and stormy night, and my [pet]…” Click on the link above for all the rules and further info. This is a really fun prompt, so stop holding back on your creativity. If you win, your work will be read live on DogWorks radio and you will receive a certificate of award and possibly a handsome medal. A win can look good on a résumé, too. Submit SOON!

Last chance to enter the Petlitzer Prize contest. Click the round 3 link above for info and start typing! March 15 is the last day for this round.

The latest readings of Petlitzer Prize-winning short stories on “DogWorks” radio have been listened to by more than 4,900 people, and because the broadcast remains archived, that number will surely increase. If you’re passionate about a pet-related topic and want a chance to reach a worldwide audience, get in your pet-related persuasive essay by March 15! Winners’ works will be read on the air near the end of the month.

You have only until March 15 to submit your pet-related persuasive essay to the Petlitzer Prize. Click the link for Round 3 of the contest above for all the rules and info.

Submit your persuasive pet-related essays SOON! The deadline for this round of the Petlitzer Prize Contest is March 15! Click on the link above for all the lowdown.

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