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Author Nancy Johnson just shared with me info on her book Recycled Love: Foster Dogs Have Tales Too. It looks wonderful, and I personally thank her and others like her who help so many needful critters by opening their hearts and homes, temporarily, to these animals. As seen by my eight rescued pets, I acknowledge I’d be a perpetual Foster Failure and adopt every one who crossed my threshold. It takes a particular strength and selflessness to foster animals and release them to their forever homes. Bless your hearts!—Sid


Arf Arf My name is Parker!


I am 5 years old and one of the sweetest dogs!  I am such a good boy.  I am completely potty trained, neutered, and up to date on all shots and can also do a few tricks (if you give me a treat 🙂  I love to cuddle, go for walks, lay on your lap, and play with other dogs.  There is a new baby in the house and I am not adjusting well to this change in the family.  She is now crawling and walking and I don’t like someone being at the same height as me.  I need to find a home where there are not any small children (6 years and under).  My family and I are very sad to leave each other but I am hoping that I can find a new loving home.  If you love me, I promise I will do the same to you.  Please call or email my mom and dad if you are interested in adopting me.

Thank you,
Parker Krager

Contact information:
Kathleen Krager

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