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Sorry that the volume isn’t very loud, but you can get an idea of some of my pet loss presentation. Stick with if for a while, the sound gets a teensy bit better.—Sid

Sid Korpi’s Pet Loss: the Lesson of the Squirrels

It was a rather bittersweet experience, being on the set of the final taping of “The Dog Show with Donna Chicone and Jazz” on Nov. 2, 2010. We were discussing pet loss, which is often not the first thing people think of when seeking cheery thoughts, but it was very appropriate for the whole “saying goodbye” theme of the show. What’s more, my four pooches were invited on as guests. They’d never had so many dogs there together at one time before, and they weren’t sure the dogs would behave. (I had to have my hubby, Anthony, take off work to be there as a dog wrangler in case of an emergency, but my furry babies were perfect angels!)

The show will air on Minneapolis Cable TV in early December, and my segment will be available on this blog. All of “The Dog Show” episodes will be available online, too. I’ll post all that info when I get it. But for now, here are a few photos.

We wish Ms. Chicone all good fortune as she markets her show concept to ever-wider audiences.

Me with, clockwise from upper left, Blanche, Ambrose, Keely and Oliver

On the set of "The Dog Show" with host Donna Chicone

Anthony wrangles the doggies


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