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It was two years ago today I made my first public address to commemorate National Pet Memorial Day at the Honoring the Animals Candlelight Vigil hosted by Chance’s Spot Pet Loss Support and held in Louisville, Kentucky. Today, this event shares the spotlight with remembrances of 9/11. The two kinds of losses, though vastly different in scope and political repercussions nevertheless leave indelible marks in each of us affected by them.

As you meditate today about those lost in the Twin Towers or the other tragic plane crash, as I’m sure all Americans will, be sure to take a moment to remember our animal companions who have passed away and celebrate and express thanks for those who remain with us today. Give special thanks to those animals who serve in the Armed Forces, with the police, as service and therapy animals, etc. Vow to do some small thing today to show your thanks, such as visiting the Animal Rescue Site and clicking to help feed homeless animals. I do this daily, before I even check my emails. It’s a positive habit to develop.

If you know of someone who is facing pet loss or has recently lost an animal family member, please refer him or her to my site at <>. I welcome everyone to send to me short tributes to their pets and a jpeg image for me to add to my blog’s Pet Passings section. Of course, everyone is free to contact me in my capacity as an animal chaplain if she or he feels the need to share thoughts or receive support as they process this loss. My book, “Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss,” is always available for an ongoing source of that support, too. I will gladly inscribe books purchased through my site to personalize them for the person and pet; and $2 from each of those sales goes to support no-kill animal shelters. See my Affiliates link to read about those fine organizations.

There are some ideas for how to commemorate your pet’s passing  at <>, but at barest minimum, take the time to give your pets an extra dose of love today and acknowledge their vital importance in your life.—Sid

Luigi Francis “Shorty” Rossi (born February 10, 1969) is the star of Pit Boss, a reality series on Animal Planet. He is also the owner and talent manager of Shortywood Productions, a company that works with little people in the entertainment industry and Shorty’s Rescue, an organization set up for Pit Bull rescue. Shown here with Gail Heller, founder of Chance’s Spot pet loss support site, at a fund-raiser for his rescue organization. Yep, that’s my book “Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss” they’re holding! Many thanks to Gail for sharing this with him.


Shorty Rossi and Gail Heller

Chance’s Spot, Pet Loss and Support Resources would like to invite all pet caregivers and friends of animals to submit their pet’s name to this year’s Honoring the Animals Memorial Program Book. This program book is mailed to pet parents all over the world who wish to honor their pet’s memory on National Pet Memorial Day. Please visit to submit your pet’s name today!

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