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Saturday, June 9 at 6:30 p.m. Central time, Dr. Robert and Michele Forto and author Sid Korpi will be announcing the winners of the latest Petlitzer Prize pet-related poetry contest. To listen to the live readings of the winning poems that day, visit

Or go to that site after that show airs to listen to the archived version.

The next round of the Petlitzer Prize contest will be for pet-related short stories, 400–700 words in length. For all the rules for submission, click on Petlitzer Prize Contest Rules above this posting. The deadline for submission is Oct. 15, 2012, and there is only one entry allowed per person per round.


Please join me and host Janet Roper for a discussion of pet loss and holidays, among other things at Tuesday, Feb. 14 at 8 p.m. Central Time.

Just four days left to get your submissions in to the Petlitzer Prize writing contest. Start your story with “It was a dark and stormy night, and my [pet]…” to possibly win accolades, a medallion, and a live reading on Dog Works Radio. May 31 is the deadline! Click on the Petlitzer Prize Round 4 link above for all the info.

How hard can it be? Write a short pet-related story starting with “It was a dark and stormy night, and my [pet]…” Win and get it read on the air on Dog Works radio, get a certificate and possibly a medallion, and secure bragging rights! Click the Petlitzer Prize Round 4 link above for info.

Stop procrastinating, pet writers! We need your entries to the current round of the Petlitzer Prize contest by May 31st. Start out your short story with “It was a dark and stormy night, and my [pet]…” Click on the link above for all the rules and further info. This is a really fun prompt, so stop holding back on your creativity. If you win, your work will be read live on DogWorks radio and you will receive a certificate of award and possibly a handsome medal. A win can look good on a résumé, too. Submit SOON!

Remember to submit your short story, starting with the prompt: “It was a dark and stormy night, and my [dog, cat, horse, etc.]…” to the Petlitzer Prize contest! The deadline is May 31. FFI click on the Round 4 Petlitzer Prize link above!

Do animals go to heaven? Do they have souls? I’ve been asked to weigh in, in my capacity as an animal chaplain and author of “Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss” as, together, we ponder these and other spiritual questions on “The Honoring Hour.”

Please join me and host Lynn Allen for “The Honoring Hour” Blog Talk Radio show tomorrow (Wed., April 6) at 10 a.m. Central/11 a.m. Eastern. Click on the link for the show now to get a reminder sent to your email or call in at 347-838-8944.

Here’s a description of this show from its website:

The Honoring Hour is a radio show on respecting the collective One of all beings.  The show is here to foster personal transformation by offering a variety of different teachings, techniques, perspectives and tools that help create change supporting peace on Earth. We recognize the innate perfection of every individual as the embodiment of Love, Peace, Joy and Prosperity.

The Honoring Hour will include interviews and discussions that support Divine Light and Love.  Through offerings of service and wisdom, we seek to assist our listeners on their journey of  contributing to the global awakening of consciousness and the manifestation of Heaven here on Earth.  We honor all paths to God and look for the Truth that we all have in common rather than that which would keep us feeling separate.

We are dedicated to helping people experience and celebrate the power of Universal wisdom actively working in their daily lives. This show was created with the desire to support people in finding and pursuing their passion and life purpose.

Our Mission:

To awaken our Consciousness to Love’s Presence in each moment, person and encounter
To encourage each other in recognizing that true power lies in taking responsibility for the creation and actions of our own lives
To provide a variety of information to support the empowerment of each individual in taking the steps to create the life of their dreams, knowing that this is truly supporting everyone and everything
To live in Faith in all we do and support others to do the same

Last chance to enter the Petlitzer Prize contest. Click the round 3 link above for info and start typing! March 15 is the last day for this round.

The latest readings of Petlitzer Prize-winning short stories on “DogWorks” radio have been listened to by more than 4,900 people, and because the broadcast remains archived, that number will surely increase. If you’re passionate about a pet-related topic and want a chance to reach a worldwide audience, get in your pet-related persuasive essay by March 15! Winners’ works will be read on the air near the end of the month.

Join me on Thursday, March 10 at 5:35 p.m. Central (or thereabouts) for a chat with Robbin and Joseph, hosts of Blog Talk Radio’s “Pets Teach Us So Much” show. Go to my appearances page on my website for a link to the show.

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