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So sorry folks for my calendar snafu. The reading of the Petlitzer Prize short stories on Dog Works blog talk radio will take place on Friday, Feb. 11 (not the 4th as previously indicated). Oopsie. Same bat-time, same bat-blogtalkradiosite. (If you’re old enough, you may have caught that allusion to the original “Batman” series.)


I will be reading the winning entries of the Petlitzer Prize contest on Friday, February 4 at 2:30 p.m. Central time. Listen in live or catch the Dog Works blog talk radio show (with hosts Dr. Robert Forto and his wife Michelle) online.

New to the Petlitzer Prize contest: first place winners, in addition to a suitable-for-framing award certificate, will also win a handsome gold pawprint medal engraved with “Petlitzer Prize 1st Place.” Go for the gold, writers! Click on the Petlitzer Prize link above for the rules for round 3.

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