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JillyJilly is looking for her forever home. She’s a 9-year old healthy Westie in search of a fairly quiet home life. Do you work from home? Are you retired and home a lot? If so, Jilly would love to spend her time with you.

She has been in foster care for a while now and has progressed immensely so she’s not as timid as when she first arrived at Lacy’s Legacy’s door. She gets along well with other dogs, enjoys short walks, is not a big barker, is crate trained and housebroken if kept on a fairly strict schedule.

Jilly is a little lap-lover and if your lap is full, she will be near you. Even though her confidence has increased the past few weeks, she occasionally seeks some quiet time alone to ponder the important things in life.
Jilly says that her wild, wayward puppy ways are behind her now and she would just like to settle down and enjoy her new family in a low-key fashion. Is she dreaming or could she be the girl of your dreams?
If you are interested in adopting Jilly, contact John or Steph Wisecarver through

Available for Adoption


This is Carly, a spayed Westie female born 8-8-05.  She is on the small size about 13 pounds but is Big on cute.  She comes from a backyard breeder but is a real “people” dog, enjoying lap sits and hugs.  A quiet little lady she gets along very well with other dogs and is crate trained.  She walks well on a leash and knows what to do when outside.  Carly is a smart and loving little Westie who needs a good forever home to spoil her.


Meet Dorie a very cute, quiet and petite Westie girl.  Her birth certificate shows 8-8-05 but she looks like a puppy.  Rescued from a backyard breeder she has learned crate training and her name very quickly.  She walks on her leash and knows “Go Outside.”  Dorie does have an issue with her left front shoulder but other than an occasional limp she moves around fine.  She gets along very well with other dogs and really likes people.  A true lap Westie, she would make a wonderful small companion.

Visit for more information.

This darling girl has what is so typical of her breed, allergies. While I cannot guarantee it would work, I’d strongly suggest whoever adopts her tries out a raw food diet for her, a la “Sid’s Canine Kitchen” (an instructional DVD that explains how to make your own raw-dog-food diet for your beloved pets, available now if you email me directly at and soon to be on my website). Seriously, we’ve had several Westies with allergy issues that cleared up by switching to this diet. Don’t let that detail keep you from giving this girl a forever home!—Sid

Meet Ms. Duffie!

Duffie, a sweet 8-year old Westie girl, is still in need of a new home.  This mature, loveable and very sweet girl is looking for a special family that can meet her needs.

This darling Westie is ready-made in many ways – she is crate trained, good with other dogs, is an obedience school graduate (knows several commands) and loves to be with you all the time. She likes to sit on your lap or next to you to watch TV or just chill out.

Duffie needs an owner that must be tolerant of her skin issues due to allergies. She will need occasional medicated baths (she is well-behaved during her bath), a good diet and daily checks of her skin to prevent or catch “hot spot” flare-ups before they get out of hand. 

She needs to lose a little weight so exercise is a must.  She is used to a fenced yard so she likes to chase squirrels; however she is also a good leash walker which will help in her weight loss program. She likes to walk and investigate her surroundings – she can run, too!

Duffie is a charming older girl that still has plenty of pep in her! Could she be your next Westie?

Duffie is available for adoption through Lacy’s Legacy Scottie & Westie Rescue

If you are interested in adopting her, please contact John or Steph Wisecarver at


In the Pilots and Paws program, pets in overwhelmed kill shelters get a second chance by taking ‘donated’ flights to their new adoptive homes. Pilot Jeff Bennett recently celebrated his 1,000th rescue.

The retired businessman and dog lover has been donating his plane, fuel and his time for three years.

Meet Jasper the Friendly Westie!

Jasper is a honey of a Westie looking for a new home. He is a young and active 9 year old, neutered and tested heartworm negative.  He recently had a dental so he has a bright, clean smile now, too.

This little man is VERY house trained (NO accidents at all during his foster care). He knows a few commands, does well in a crate if necessary and is not a barker.  He also gets along well with other dogs and is very affectionate.

Jasper’s foster dad says he is “just a prize!” Says he is calm and gentle and loves being outside in the yard.  A couple of photos of Jasper are attached so you can see how handsome this little man is!

If you are interested in adopting this “prize of a Westie”, please call Steph Wisecarver at 763-354-0911

My hubby will be my stand-in for this event. (I’ll be at the Carver-Scott Humane Society’s Walk Fur Love event at the same time.) Come see one of us if you’re out and about with your pet.—Sid

Bring your dog, and come have FUN! Try out agility, tracking, or K9 Nose Work®, do some shopping, have someone else give your dog a bath at our Dog Wash, and much more.

If you have a dog, then you can bring it along and have a blast.

If you know someone that has a dog, then pass this along, so they can join in the fun.

If you wish you had a dog, then come out and get your fix.

For more information visit our we site

Free goodie bag for the first 100 people to sign in.

Sunday May 20 from 1-4 at Carver Lake Vet Center 2201 Ventura Dr. Woodbury, MN 55125

Hi Westie Friends!

My name is Tugger – some of you have met me before – I look a little different from the first photos you saw. As you know, I am being treated for a yeast condition that took away almost all my hair! I was naked and itchy and looking pretty rough. Thanks to so many kind and generous people, my treatments costs are being covered and my foster mom and dad (John and Steph) are taking good care of me. I get spa treatments several times a week. I have to sit still for 10 minuteswith the special stuff on me….this is difficult for a young Westie!! 10 minutes is a long time to sit so I can’t wait to get rinsed and dried off so I can start playing again.

Here’s a couple photos to show you that my hair is starting to grow back. So it’s true that good care and lots of TLC will take a doggie a long way.

Thanks again for all your donations to help me. It’s overwhelming to learn that so many people care so much about a little white (soon to be all white) doggie like me.

Your friend,

Meet Ada! This young, spunky energetic terrier mix is just waiting for active FUN in her new home. She doesn’t know lots of commands, but she’s got focus and she can JUMP! She needs lots of exercise so her new family can not be couch potatoes. This darling little girl is spayed, vet checked, vaccinated and heartworm negative….she is rearin’ and ready to GO!

If you are wanting an active terrier to spend your fun times with, this is the girl for you! She’s at Crossroads Animal Shelter – she was owner surrendered by someone who didn’t have the time for her… YOU have time and love for Ada? Call the shelter if you have more questions about Ada.

Expected adoption donation for Ada is a minimum of $300

Rocky and Melvin have found new homes! Yeah!!!

Now, do you have room in your home and heart for a pair of sweet Westie orphans?
Angus and Bonnie found themselves homeless when their elderly owner died. Angus is 11, Bonnie is 6. They are up-to-date with all of their health needs, housebroken, well-loved and move-in ready! This lad and lassie will make a nice addition to a family needing a couple of Westies to spice up their lives!

If you are seriously interested in adopting Angus & Bonnie, please direct your questions to John and Steph Wisecarver at 320-963-6085.

An urgent message from Sue Storms about a pair of Westies in need of a new home. More info and photos to come soon, but those who wish to inquire may email me and I’ll forward your query to Ms. Storms. —Sid

Dear Little White Terrier Families,

More information and photos will be coming soon, but I wanted to get word out to you right away on these two boys.

Marshmallow and Rocket are 2 Westie brothers, age 11, that need a new home. They do not have to remain together, however that would be ideal.

These guys are good with kids and other dogs. 

Think about opening up a “retirement home” for one or both of these guys or pass on the word to somebody else you know that may be interested.

Remember that older dogs can still enjoy life and give YOU lots of joy as well. They deserve to have a loving home and a caring family just as much as a younger dog.

I’ll share more info on these brothers in the next few days…….


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