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As I said in my “Animals as Teachers” chapter in my book, they model for us the importance of living in the here and now, not fast-forwarding to the inevitable loss and parting we must face. They pick up on our constant state of sorrow and anxiety. We don’t want to spoil their last moments with us, and vice versa, by focusing on the fear and dread. Though it’s easier to say than to do, every time the fear threatens to grow and overshadow our present moments with our pets we must take the time to take a few deep breaths to release those thoughts and bring us back to the instant we are petting/holding/loving our animal companion. They pick up on our thoughts and state of mind, and being present with them and grateful of that moment will give them peace as well.

I recently read an article by pet psychic Cherie Vergini that explained this concept nicely. Give it a look at


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