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I was recently moved to write the following recommendation on LinkedIn for Elaine Garley, of Animal Bridges. She does animal communication, animal healing touch, TTouch therapy and works with Bach Flower Remedies. The following chronicles the progress she’s helped us make with our newest adoptee, Oliver I wanted those of you who aren’t on LinkedIn to hear of her services, too.—Sid
Details of the Recommendation: “Elaine Garley, a colleague of mine in the Pet PAC—a local group of pet-related-business owners—kindly came to help our newly adopted West Highland white terrier, Oliver, age 6, overcome his fear/aggression toward our two cats and become comfortably assimilated into a household with three other Westies. He suffered from tremendous insecurity from being shuffled from home to home, which would result in his frantically barking and lunging at our two cats and in response to almost any new noise. She treated him with Tellington TTouch, a body wrap, and Bach Flower Essence Remedy specially blended to address his pertinent issues and anxieties.

(I was familiar with these therapies, but I really appreciated that Elaine patiently demonstrated and taught me to do the techniques myself as a means to be sure Oliver could receive immediate therapy whenever he needed it. Other practitioners might have preferred no one but they be able to perform the techniques.)

As her treatment of him progressed, Oliver went from having his ears straight up and squeezed tight atop his head (i.e. on full alert), nervously growling, avoiding us with his tail tucked between his legs, and with his eyes looking a bit wild to having a much more relaxed posture, allowing her to perform all manner of manipulations on him (including massaging his back gums inside his mouth and rotating his tail, where dogs are known to carry fear!), and being ready to drop off to sleep.

I was able to email Elaine the next day that a minor miracle had occurred. Instead of incessantly attacking, barking at and/or chasing our cats, Oliver was now calming lying two feet away from them on our bed! He even left the room and returned on his own to the bed where one of the cats was napping. He is now mostly curious toward and/or neutral toward them without the sudden rages. His aggression toward them has dropped by at least 90%! If he is startled by one of them running in the dark of night, he still may bark and run at them briefly out of fear, but on the whole, he’s made amazing progress and is much, much calmer and happier already. It’s only been a few days, and we’re amazed by the changes in him. Our cats are mighty appreciative, too!

Thank you, Elaine, for helping us make our precious Oliver feel fully at home and happy!”
Service Category: TTouch provider/Animal healing touch
Year first hired: 2010

Clockwise from front left: Oliver, Blanche, Keely and Ambrose.




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