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Allen and Linda Anderson, founders of the Angel Animals Network, are colleagues of mine, and I wanted to pass along this info about their new pet-writing course. I’ve taken a class from them in the past and can attest that these two know what they’re taking about! Check it out, and use it as incentive for you to get in your Petlitzer Prize poem entry to me by Oct. 31!—Sid
WOOF, MEOW, WRITE, PUBLISH: Writing about Pets and Animals for Love and Money is a new, downloadable, three-part, comprehensive course to guide people in writing books, articles, stories, blogs, and essays about animals for pleasure or extra income. This one-of-a-kind course was designed and written by Allen and Linda Anderson, best-selling, award-winning authors of 14 published pet books.

The ever-wonderful Linda and Allen Anderson of Angel Animals Network (authors of such books as “Dogs and the Women Who Love Them“) were kind enough to snap this picture of me with my table partner and fellow speaker on the End-of-Life-Issues panel, Dr. Rebecca McComas of Minnesota Pets in-home euthanasia service. They weren’t, however, kind enough to tell me my face was shiny enough to blind people from the glare of light reflecting off its surface! Is this another “benefit” of being perimenopausal???  🙂

Dr. Rebecca McComas and me.

But despite my unintentional glowing, I did have a marvelous time and was spoiled rotten by Trish Phillips, Dr. Kate Knutson and the rest of their wonderful staff at Pet Crossing Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic in Bloomington, Minn. Their FurEver Fun Day was well planned and expertly executed. They also made sure their vendors were well fed—oh, that blueberry-rhubarb crisp Dr. Kate’s mom Darlene made was to die for!—which is always a nice touch. Proceeds from the day went to support their animal-boarding services, which they offer to families (primarily women and children) who are displaced by domestic violence).

My thanks to you all!

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