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Well worth the wait, we just received our SIX Dead Letter Awards for “Attack of the Moon Zombies” (won earlier this year) from Thank you Derek M. Koch and the gang!

Included in those awards are:

Best Zombie Movie—”Attack of the Moon Zombies”

Best Director—Christopher R. Mihm

Best Zombie—Michael Kaiser

Best Actress in a Zombie Movie—Sid Korpi

Best One-Liner in a Zombie Movie—spoken by Administrator Ripley (Sid Korpi) “I know I’d rather die in agonizing pain than become some weird meat puppet for those nasty little things out there, wouldn’t you?”

Best Death Scene in a Zombie Movie—Dr. Vincent Edward’s self-sacrifice (Mike Cook), awarded by write-in vote!

Here are MY TWO awards!!

I also loved the message on the Priority Mail box they all came in:




We’ve made it to the Land Down Under! Just learned that Christopher R. Mihm’s movies of the Mihmiverse, including the one in which I play Administrator Ripley, “Attack of the Moon Zombies,” will be shown on Australian local TV show, “Schlocky Horror Picture Show” by host Nigel Honeybone!!! Our spores have traveled to the other end of the Earth!!! Check out one of his clips: <


Get your tickets today for the double feature “Cave Women on Mars” and “Terror from Beneath the Earth” by Christopher R. Mihm. It’ll be held on Thursday, Sept. 1, 2011 at 7 p.m. at the New Hope Cinema Grill 2749 Winnetka Ave. N., New Hope, MN. Advanced tickets available at or at the door. Two movies; all-you-can-eat salad, pizza and soda buffet; and a silent auction of Mihm-movie-related items and other great things–like a signed copy of “Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss” by Sid Korpi (a.k.a. Administrator Ripley in “Attack of the Moon Zombies“) to raise money for his latest film, “House of Ghosts,” all for just $15.


The friends and fans of the Mihmiverse (i.e. the movies of filmmaker Christopher R. Mihm) are legion, and they’re stepping up once again to see that this man’s movies get the recognition they amply deserve. Yesterday, I entered “Attack of the Moon Zombies” in SIX film festivals across the country, including: the Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival; the Syracuse Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival; the Thriller! Chiller! Film Festival; the Chicago Horror Film Festival; the Eerie Horror Film Festival; and the Drive-In Film Festival. Folks have been generously donating toward the costs of the entry fees (now well over $300 accrued by little old totally broke me). Should any of you readers like to support our efforts to get “Attack of the Moon Zombies” screened nationally and have it garner some hard-earned awards in the process, contact me through my website <> and I’ll tell you how. As little as $5 or $10 would really help out. I’ll stop the fund-raising attempts well before I reach the point of my making any personal profit. 🙂

Another way to support these independent films is to come to the exclusive screenings. One is coming up June 11 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, organized by super fan Bob Arndt—a fabulous Mihm double feature with “Terror from Beneath the Earth” AND “Attack of the Moon Zombies,” introduced by horror host extraordinaire Doctor Ivan Cryptosis. Another is the July 14 screening in the Twin Cities—the New Hope Cinema Grill, 7 p.m. For $15, you’ll see the greatest B-movie ever made AND enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet of salad, pizza and soda (and there’s even a full bar available). More info, advance tickets, “Attack of the Moon Zombies” DVDs ($10), and other great merchandise and collectibles can be ordered at <>. Help Christopher Mihm recoup the $3K he spent making this masterpiece! Maybe if he gets rich and famous, he’ll pay his actors someday! 🙂 —Sid (Administrator Ripley)

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