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You may or may not be aware that I am a Flintstones-ophile. Our cave-like basement in our 1886 Victorian house has long been converted to a shrine to those beloved Bedrockians. (It’s been featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Old Times newspapers and on KSTP TV’s “On the Road with Jason Davis.”)

Yabba Dabba Doo!! Today is the 50th anniversary of the series!! My husband and I teach beginning social dance in our home and our Two Right Feet Dance motto—”Forget Fred and Ginger, we’ll have you dancing like Fred and Wilma in no time!”—is derived from my love of this classic animated series.

Here’s a trivia challenge for you: What was the name of the foreign maid the Flintstones had for a short time, until Fred’s deplorable singing made her flee?

I’ll post all (non-offensive) guesses here, so contact me from my website’s contact page!


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