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Join us for a night of dancing to the oldies at St. Austin’s Catholic Church!

Me and my hubby in our Two Right Feet dance studio

They will be having free ’50s dancing from 6:30-9:00 p.m. Dance lessons by Two Right Feet (Anthony and me) are from 6:30–8:30. They will be serving old-fashioned burgers & fresh cut fries for $5. The church is located on 41st & Thomas Ave. N. Mpls. MN 55412. The exact address to Google for directions is 4050 Upton Ave. N. Come as you are or in your finest poodle skirt or penny loafers! Bring a friend or two, too.


I was in Rock ‘n’ Roll HEAVEN last night as members of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees Rockin’ Hollywoods band joined us for dinner and played a song-lyric game with me!!!!! Finally, some true competition for my inane knowledge of oldies trivia—and from folks who can carry tunes!

We had just wanted to thank them for providing us with a surrogate gym membership; dancing all summer to their fantabulous music at outdoor festivals helped me to grind holes in several pairs of saddle shoes from spinning on the asphalt. Gotta love that! Thanks guys, we were honored to have the Bedrockin’ Hollywoods tour our Flintstones shrine, too!

Check out their website to find out where they’ll be playing next!

Sid with Steve "Rimshot" Ghizoni, Woody (Tom Strohmyer) and Westside Denny B.

Anthony with the gang plus DJ (Doug James) of the Rockin' Hollywoods

Ever aspired to being in the movie biz? Here’s your chance! As little as a $10 donation to fund this independent ’50s-drive-in-style B-movie masterpiece by award-winning director/writer Christopher R. Mihm (“Attack of the Moon Zombies”) can land your name in the credits on the big screen as an associate producer!!! Besides, it’s my first big role in a movie and I want the director to be able to afford to feed me and the other actors on long days of shooting!

Click here to learn how!

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