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While this has nothing to do with pet loss, although their guitarist, Flash, recently lost his cat named Louie, I wanted to extend an invitation to any Twin Cities locals who might read this:

This year, my hubby and I are abandoning our traditional do-nothing-but-be-bums on New Year’s Eve and are instead dancing in 2011 to Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famers, The Rockin’ Hollywoods. They are the preeminent vintage (’50s–’80s) rock ‘n’ roll band, and there’s no one better to swing, pony, or twist away the night—and the old year—with. And for those of us needing to watch our pennies, the cover charge is far more doable than most NYE events. Please introduce yourself to us that night if you do make it. We’ll be the sweaty couple that never sits down.—Sid

NEW YEAR’S EVE with the Rockin’ Hollywoods—Carbone’s Bar and Grill 7670 160th St. Lakeville, at the southwest corner of Cedar and 160th (Co Rd 46)
8:30 PM to 12:45AM
Minimal cover charge-$5–$10!!
Great food menu and atmosphere-beautiful wood paneling
and lots of parking. CALL 952-997-2900 for info.


Though I live among a menagerie of animal family members and couldn’t imagine life without them in my home, I know where to draw the line with these feline/canine/avian, etc. room mates. The animals in my home have been domesticated for thousands of years and depend on my care to survive. Wild animals, on the other hand, do not belong in kennels or cages. When people decide to breed wild animals for profit, and someone invariably gets hurt or killed by one of them as a result, my blood boils at the thought that the animal is automatically killed in response when it was the human beings involved who were breaking the laws of nature by turning these creatures into pets. In my book, I include a chapter on “When a Companion Animal Is Not and Never Should Be a Pet” that highlighted Meme the Bengal tiger and the wonderful works of The Wildcat Sanctuary in a moving story by my friend Susan Timmerman.

Please check out their latest heart-wrenching video post, Titan and Lilly: Together at Last

Remember that while all animals are our teachers and deserving of our respect, love, admiration and protection from harm—they are not necessarily ours to “own” and never ours to exploit for profit. This story of remarkable, stunning tigers Titan and Lilly shows the resiliency of these creatures as they overcome traumas perpetrated on them by thoughtless, short-sighted human beings.

Please consider making a contribution to their ongoing care. The Wildcat Sanctuary and its founder, Tammy Quist, and her staff are simply astounding and most deserving of our support. That’s why I make a donation to them and a few other select no-kill animal shelters each time anyone purchases my book online or from me personally. You can go to my site at <> and reach The Wildcat Sanctuary through the Affiliates page. They have an annual fund-raising dinner and dance (Jungle Boogie—info on their website) coming up in October, 2009; it’s ’50s themed and I and my hubby will be teaching some dances of the era that night through our business Two Right Feet Dance <>. Join us for the fun and support these beauteous felines.

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