I just happened to meet Danette Malerich by chance while I was out walking my Westies. She shared that she’d lost a pet recently, so I gave her my card. In turn, she gave me her card and website address for her lovely pet portraits. Here is a sampling of her work.—Sid 

 My friend, Kim Jaskier, had her dear departed Rocky memorialized by this artist and recommended I include her on my list of links.—Sid

Thank you for visiting my website.  My name is Karen White and my company is K-Dub Designs which was established in 2009.  I design and create custom pet portrait mosaic stepping stones and pet memorials.

Christmas orders drying in front of the artist's fireplace. "Dogs are not our whole life ... but they make our lives whole." Roger Caras The pet portrait stones that I create are custom orders for people who love their pets whether it is a garden stone or memorial stone. A very special way to honor your best friend.

When placing your order, you can choose to have just a portrait … or the whole body.

The price of a custom pet portrait stone is $80 plus $15 for shipping and handling — so $95.00 total.

I do the mosaics myself – from start to finish, including grouting, sealing and shipping.  Turnaround time is about 4 to 6 weeks right now.

My mosaics are very time consuming to make and each order takes a week to make in between the processes of grouting, drying and sealing.  I use mostly porcelain tile for my mosaics.  The tiles I used are given to my by our local tile store … they are either left over from tiling jobs and/or sample boards.  Rather than toss the tile into the dumpster, I recycle them into these unique creations.In addition to dogs, I can create mosaic stones for all pets, including cats, birds, horses, ginuea pigs, monkeys, etc.  Samples are shown further down on this page.Each order is shipped individually due to the weight of each stone.  The stones are made of solid concrete, 12 inches round, two inches thick and weigh approximately 20 to 21 pounds when completed.  Each stone is sealed with a premium 20-year outdoor grout sealer and ready to be placed outdoors.


Loss of Family Dog and Passion for Creating Launches ‘Kormanstudio Custom Pet Sculptures and Urns’

Kormanstudio Custom Pet Sculptures and Urns was recently opened by artist Tony Korman. His past experiences with pet loss inspired him to use his talents to start sculpting one of a kind statues of pets past and present for others. They are available in various sizes an come mounted on wooden bases or urn boxes.

Quote startPets give us so much affection and joy that it supersedes the pain of their death.Quote end

Sauk Rapids, MN (PRWEB) August 15, 2011


Sometimes a new business is born by combining the use of a lifelong talent to help cope with a tragic personal loss and then sharing this to help others. This was certainly the case for Kormanstudio Custom Pet Sculptures and Urns. “We lost our family dog when he ran away from relatives that were watching him for us when we took our kids on a weekend vacation,” says Tony Korman owner and artist of Kormanstudio Custom Pet Sculptures and Urns where he creates unique hand sculpted and painted representations of pets based on photos. “After an exhausting search of the area over the course of several days we had to come to terms that

Buddy's urn

we would never bring Buddy our dog home again.”

With the relatively short lifespan of pets as compared to their owners it is inevitable that if pets are wanted in our lives we are destined at some time or another to suffer losing them leaving an empty spot inside that they once filled. So why do people so willingly set themselves up for this unavoidable tragedy? “It’s easy, the positives outweigh the negatives,” Tony states. “Pets give us so much affection and joy that it supersedes the pain of their death. It is proven over and over by how we often deal with their loss…by getting another one. In some way we honor a pet after their loss by getting another showing how much their companionship and unconditional love is missed. Creating memories so strong and cherished that life is better with them in it than without,” says Tony.

Since a child, Tony had a great love and talent for creating art that represented the world around him. He began wondering how he could use that to honor the memory of Buddy. This was the genesis of “Kormanstudio Custom Pet Sculptures and Urns.” He began to construct a small sculpture from the photos he had of him out of polymer clay. Making Buddy’s collar with the little tags and bell on it just right and making sure he painted the unique markings of his fur. “Throughout the project I felt a sense that this tribute to our lost dog brought a sense of closure to the emptiness that I had been experiencing. I was forever memorializing my dog through my art and when looked upon brings back memories of the good times that we shared and I could now move forward from this point.” Kormanstudio allows Tony to share this experience and talent with others every time he creates a custom sculpture for a client. He works closely with them sending images of the sculptures during different stages of the process. “I want my clients to feel that they have had an active role in the creation of the sculptures I create for them. That I can recreate that sense of closure for them that I did for myself when I lost my dog. I believe that everyone’s story of pain and loss is unique and I hope in someway I can model my experiences of healing to help them with theirs.”

About Kormanstudio Custom Pet Sculptures and Urns.
Founded by Tony Korman, Kormanstudio has created dozens of sculptures for his clients of pets both living and that have passed away. A lifelong artist and pet owner he believes that good communication and working together on a project is the key to its success. Customer service and the uniqueness of his work are the hallmarks of his studio.

Tony Korman, Owner/Artist
Kormanstudio Custom Pet Sculptures and Urns


Pets-R-Loved Custom-embroidered Memorial Pillows

My fellow PetPAC member, Rosalyn, owns Pets-R-Loved Embroidery. She brought this beautiful pet memorial pillow to show us all at our recent meeting. She can custom-embroider images of dogs, cats or horses, using either her extensive selection of ready-to-go, breed-specific designs or even designs customized from a photo of your pet. (She made me my lovely pet chaplain vestment, too. See below.) This pillow would provide a hug-able memorial for anyone going through such a loss. I understand they’re quite tear-absorbent if need be—a great companion to my book, “Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss.”—Sid


Too Tall’s Pottery One-of-a-Kind Pet Urns

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I’ve recently made the acquaintance of the talented Santa Barbara-based artist Matthew Kennedy. His business, Too Tall’s Pottery was so named for his beloved Saint Bernard, Too Tall. (What a fabulous way to memorialize a pet.)

He uses an unusual method of decorating his pieces: a tattoo gun! His work is beautiful and unique, and he is expanding his collection of urns to include those specifically for pets. He uses the sale of these items to support Saint Bernard Rescue. That’s something I always love to know about. Please visit his online gallery. You can read more about Matt at <>

Matt Kennedy’s cat urn design


The Funeral Program Site

Downloadable pet memorial cards and funeral programs are available at the Creative Media Website’s All About Pet Memorials page.


Everlife Memorials for Pets

Everlife Memorials Carries a full line of pet loss memorial products that are wildly popular among pet owners who have recently lost their cherished pet. Shop our online Pet Memorials catalog to see which of our products captures the spirit of your departed friend. You will find these and more pet memorial products:

  • Pet headstones and grave markers
  • Pet cremation urns
  • Cremation jewelry for your pets ashes
  • Out door garden pet memorials
  • Pet caskets for burial
  • Laser engraved memorial plaques
  • Outdoor ceramic pictures to adorn a headstone

BBB Accredited Business since 2001




Custom Designed Mats and Frames for Your Furry Friends

These beautiful custom made frames and mats are the perfect way to memorialize all of pets that we have loved and lost over the years, or simply a way to display and cherish the pets that we lovingly share our lives with today.

Choose a mat design that matches your furry friend in the mat color of your choice, select your frame, and then you decide what loving tribute to have engraved on their name plaque.  You can also create your own design by viewing the “Custom Options Page” and select the “Animal Art” for your loyal companion.

Whether for friends past or present, this is a wonderful way to enjoy and honor them.


Divine Healing for Animals helps you to create a customized video to honor your pet’s life. You provide the photos and some words that described your beloved furry or feathered friend, and she turns it into a video complete with soundtrack of your choosing. To see an example, click here.


Remember your beloved animal friend with a handsome headstone, urn or other memorial marker engraved with any personalization you desire through Engraved Expressions.


wood urns


Trista Campbell is a phenomenal artist whose work captures the beautiful big cats of The Wildcat Sanctuary, a nonprofit rescue organization in Sandstone, Minnesota, that provides a safe haven for mistreated, abused and/or abandoned exotic and wild cats.

She has also begun creating pet portraits of stunning detail and character. I’ve seen these up close and personal. They take your breath away! Contact her for a commissioned portrait at


Sarah Beth Photography

My fellow member of the Pet PAC, a Twin Cities group of pet-related business people, Sarah Beth’s remarkable photography has recently been featured in Minnesota Monthly magazine. She shared with me that she plans soon to start a special program that would allow people with aging or ailing pets to get “emergency” photographs of them, realizing how important those lasting images of our beloved companions can be.


Personalized Pooch Products

I had the good fortune of having a booth at the first annual Pet Project’s MN Pet Food Drive event next to these fine folks and their beautiful personalized products ranging from blankets to purses to playing cards to pillows—all with people’s own pets’ faces on them. These are unique and splendid ways to commemorate a precious furry family member.

Your Pet’s Photo On Our Fabulous Collection Of Gifts & Stationery

Personalized Pet Lovers’ Gifts in Three Easy Steps

Take an Original Photo
  1. Choose your Product
  2. Upload your Pet’s Photo
  3. Receive your personalized pet lovers’ gift!
  • Personalized Product Example
  • Personalized Product Example
  • Personalized Product Example

// //

Soft Pet Urns


Pillow Pet Urn

Pillow Purchase<a href=”http://Pillow Purchase“>

Soft Pet Urns

Keep your beloved pet in your arms, always,

with this cuddly alternative to an urn kept on a shelf.


Pet Loss Memorial Candles by Teresa Wagner

Animal communicator Teresa Wagner kindly offered to include this information about her Pet Loss Memorial Candle. The following descriptor is from her:

Pet Loss Memorial Candle

Pet Loss Memorial Candle

Candles have long symbolized the light of hope, love, healing and connection with our loved ones in Spirit. These candles were created to honor the souls of animals who have left the earth, and to comfort the hearts of all those who love and grieve them. The candle label reads: May the Spirit of my beloved animal be blessed with peace, grace and love for all time. Lighting candles can provide a focus of solace and comfort for us, to support our hearts’ vigil for the animals we love and have lost. Tall and elegant at 8 in. high by 3 3/16 in. in diameter, the candles are a substantial size that burn for 150 hours. They are made in the US with animal and earth friendly RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil that burns cleanly. The candles are scent free so that those who are sensitive to oils or fragrance can enjoy their beauty without allergic reaction.

A small card is included with each candle which reads: May the lighting of this candle lovingly connect you with the Spirit of your animal loved one, and may the grief in your heart be blessed with gentle healing.


Pet Portraits by Artist Kat Corrigan

Commentary by me (Sid Korpi): I first saw Kat Corrigan’s work at an artists’ boutique sale, and I knew I had to include her on my site. Her whimsical, expressionistic, often comic takes on the usual pet portrait captured my heart and imagination. She transfers the pet’s true essence to her canvas while taking it beyond the bounds of photographic realism. She offers reasonably priced commissions, even offering to come and take photos of your pet(s) herself from which to pattern the painting.


Gus's Portrait, 2009, by Kat Corrigan


JoJo the Shadow by Kat Corrigan


Pocket-size Prince

From the artist: These paintings are “acrylic on panel with black gesso. I am very interested in seeing the color under the color, and learning how to jump one tone up by the placement of a complimentary color. It is honestly just really fun! And if I’m not happy with a piece, even if it is a commission, it gets gessoed over and started again. These are NOT photo-realism, these are expressionists. … Since I was first told I was allergic to animals and couldn’t have a dog at age seven, I have lusted after any relationship with them I could find. I drew dogs feverishly as a child and some of that intensity has followed me into adulthood. I long ago outgrew the allergies, but never the love… These have been very satisfying to do.”

Commission a portrait of your beloved pet by contacting Kat Corrigan at, 612-720-6675, or her website.


Maggie’s Light Pet Memorial Candles by Kathy Kuhl

“Maggie’s Light” candles are the perfect gift for any pet lover, for any occasion.


little_pawGive as a gift to any pet lover engraved with a fun and inspirational pet quote.


Or give a candle as a special memorial to honor a past pet engraved with the pet’s name.

Maggie's Light Candle, round tag

Maggie's Light Candle, round tag

Maggies Light Candle, bone-shaped tag

Maggies Light Candle, bone-shaped tag

Maggie's Light, rectangular tag

Maggie's Light, rectangular tag

Each candle comes with your choice of collar color/style. See Maggie’s Lite site for options.

  • Candles are all hand poured with Eco-Soya, a natural, clean burning wax.
  • Each candle has an approximate burn time of 30-60 hours. For complete usage and warnings, visit
  • Candles are available in 12.5 oz and 21 oz
  • Scents include: Unscented, Rolling in Grass, Daffodills, Saddle.
  • Tags are aluminum and engraved with your choice of pet quotes fitting for Dog, Cat or Horse
  • You can order a Memorial Candle with a personalized tag with the pet’s name and dates. Just allow an extra week for delivery.
  • Or simply order the candle without a tag to place your pet’s tag on the collar. The artist, Kathy Kuhl, says, “Because Maggie gave so much to us, a $1.00 of every candle sold is donated to”:
  • Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue FoundationVisit Website(for sales outside MN)
  • Homeward Bound Rescue Organization of MNVisit Website (for sales within Minnesota)

Both organizations are no-kill animal organizations committed to finding homes for stray and abandoned pets.



Information from her site:

Capture your beloved pet in a colorful and bright painting. Custom Portrait – 7.5″x 9.5″ from your photo fits any 11″ x 14″ frame. (Other sizes available – contact me for quotes)
7.5″x9.5″ = $60.00, each additional face or pet $9.00.
5″x7″ = $40.00, each additional face or pet $9.00.

Your photos are very important! Please send photos in focus with good light. These should be digital, 300-360dpi at least 4×6 or larger. Regular photos OK, too. No “studio portraits” please! Contact me for details on sending the photo to me. (Turnaround time is about 2 weeks.)

I use lots of bright, archival quality watercolor paint on 140 lb. Arches cold-press acid-free paper. I matte, sign, date each original and include an Artist Statement.