Click this link to hear the 8/22/2009 Blogtalkradio interview of Sid Korpi by host Natalia Corres of Whole Earth Pets.


Click this link to hear Sid Korpi’s 9/12/2009 interview with Julie Hill, host of Dogcast Radio.  https://goodgriefpetloss.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/dogcastradio-205290-09-12-2009_pshow_335606.mp3

Click this link to hear Sid Korpi’s 9/20/2009 interviewPetPlaygroundLogo with Sage Lewis, host of Air America’s (AM 950) Pet Playground.

Listen to the 9/24/2009 https://goodgriefpetloss.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/pet-talk-radio2.mp3 Pet Talk Radio interview with host Jean Meyer on AM 1310 KOKX.

9b537d0f-8542-4bdb-aed1-a5b425f83437sue london full head shot

Click here to listen to the 11/10/2009 interview on Get Inspired radio with Life Coach Sue London on BlogTalkRadio.

Click here to listen to the 11/16/2009 Regarding Rover interview with BlogTalkRadio host Cindy Bruckart.

Regarding Rover

Conscious Discussions with Lillian Brummet

Click this link to listen to the 12/27/2009 interview withConscious Discussions talk radio show host Lillian Brummet. show_837199

Click this link to listen to my 1/7/2010 interview with Alison James,

Alison James

host of Spirit Talk Radio.

Maureen Harmonay of Animal Translations

The 1/27/2010 teleconference with “Conversations with Animal Authors” with host Maureen Harmonay can no longer be accessed. Read her review of “Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss” on her Animal Communication Book Club blog site.

Listen to the 2/10/2010 Author Conversations interview with host Brad Walton.

Brad Walton

Janet Roper

Listen to the 6/10/2010 Talk2theAnimals radio show with host Janet Roper.

Sid Korpi Segment T2TARadio 6_10_2010

Nadia Giordana

Click this link to listen to host Nadia Giordana’s Interview with Extraordinary Women” Blog Talk Radio Show, featuring author Jenny Pavlovic and myself. Aired 9/14/2010.

Listen to internet radio with Nadia Giordana on Blog Talk RadioListen to the October 18, 2010 interview:

Actress Sid Korpi on “Attack of the Moon Zombies” and Other Stuff

Listen to the Petlitzer Prize-winning poems read during the interview on Dog Works Radio with Dr. Robert Forto and his wife, Michelle from Nov. 10, 2010.

Dog Works Radio_ Petlitzer Prize (Round 1) – Nov 11,2010

Listen to the Petlitzer Prize Round 2 Short Story winners from Feb. 11, 2011:

Discussions on pet loss with Keri Davis, Animal Communicator, and co-host Frank Ferrante on 2/4/2011 Blog Talk Radio Show. AWARD WINNING AUTHOR of GOOD GRIEF – SID KORPI & Animal Communicator KERI DAVIS – Feb 04,2011

A second interview on Animal Chaplaincy w/Keri and Frank from January 2011

GOOD GRIEF… Animal Chaplain Sid Korpi, award-winning author of _Good Grief & Keri Davis – Jan 28,2011

Animal Communicator Keri Davis

Listen here to the Dazzle Dog Delight radio show with host Joy Randel from 2/16/2011.

Joy Randel

Listen to the 3/10/2011 “Pets Teach Us So Much” show interview with hosts Robbin and Joseph Everett.

Joseph and Robbin Everett

Listen to the 4/6/2011 interview on “The Honoring Hour” with host Lynn Allen.

The Honoring Hour

Hear the first-ever Mihmiverse Podcast, with the director and cast of Christopher R. Mihm’s movie “Attack of the Moon Zombies,” in which I play Administrator Ripley. May 15, 2011.

Mihmiverse podcast