144)family photoSid Korpi has combined her decades of varied professional experience — as an editor, writer, journalist, English teacher, actor, and legally ordained minister/animal chaplain — with her lifelong devotion to the animal companions who have blessed and shared her life in creating Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss. Surviving a “tsunami of loss” in her own life led to her discovery of spiritual truths that brought her strength and facilitated her heart’s healing. She felt compelled to share these things with others who suffer—often in isolation—from the passing on of their very dearest nonhuman friends, their pets.

She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband Anthony Kaczor and their seven animal friends/family members: Blanche, Keely and Ambrose (Westies—Ambrose is not shown here); Giles and Xander (cats); and Atticus and Scout (finches). She is shown holding Mortimer, her darling boy who passed away in June 2009.

She and her husband also teach beginning social dance through their home-based business Two Right Feet, where their motto is “Forget Fred and Ginger—We’ll have you dancing like Fred and Wilma in no time!”

This makes particularly good sense when one considers they have a Flintstones shrine in their basement.