An exquisite message from my dear, dear friend Terri Mattila, regarding my having to bid farewell to my 20-year-old kitty, Xander, yesterday.

No words that pass my lips will dissolve your pain
Nor mend the open wound that is your heart.
A touch from my fingers, though filled with love,
Is not a magic potion, nor a healing incantation.

My love cannot make it better
The way a kiss upon a child’s head mends all.
The hurt is too deep, a well without an end…
Or so it seems for now.

So all I can do is capture your tears
And bring them inside me and hold them there
And we will sit, soaked in tears, together.
And maybe this will make things better, a bit.

Someday the clouds will break and beams will poke through
And reach down and touch your face
Like a soft Xander paw, or whiskers, or a purr
As if to say, “All is well, and hang on until we meet again.”

But until that day, know that she loved you so.
And that the world that you designed for her with warmth and food
And catnip mice
Made her life on this earth a little taste of Heaven.

Below are the pictures of Xander’s peaceful, painless, love-filled passing, with Ambrose, my Westie, providing comfort during our final goodbyes. Thank you again, Dr. Diane, from Minnesota Pets (MN Pets), for your kindness, compassion and respectfulness.