I’ve sent the following letter to the Ellen Degeneres Show, in hopes of having her help my poor sister. If you or anyone you know could drop the show a line with my sister’s name (Diane Lloyd) and abridged story before she loses all her insurance money on April 19, we’d all be so very grateful.

Our thinking is if they receive a bunch of letters with the same person as the subject, they might take more notice. Thanks a bunch if you can help. Here’s the link to submit a story: http://www.ellentv.com/be-on-the-show/433/
My 70-year-old sister, Diane Lloyd, has been living in a torturous state of limbo since, nearly two years ago, a house fire left her homeless and with 4 of her 6 beloved pets dead. Her 3 mourning doves and her tuxedo cat, Tennessee, were dead on the scene. Since then, her schnauzer, Bruno, who suffered severe burns and smoke inhalation, also has died. As if all this loss weren’t enough to bear, her insurance company has placed her in an inescapable Catch-22 situation, whereupon they refuse to release her money to her to rebuild her house—get this—until she rebuilds her house! Her church and Home Depot are trying to help, but they are forbidden to “build” anything like stairs due to liability issues and can only paint. Her son, Jason, has restored the exterior of the house and has received only $3,500 for his many months of labor. He is raising a young son alone and could not continue to help his mother with no payment forthcoming. Other contractors refuse to work on contingency, and meanwhile the insurance is going to close her case on 4/19/15 and KEEP ALL HER REMAINING MONEY. Diane has had to hire a public adjuster to fight for her rights, but of what little more he has been able to pry from the hands of the insurance company, he has taken 1/3. Diane is left homeless still—she is sleeping on an elderly friend’s couch and cares for him as he slides into dementia and deals with cancer—while her house has no interior walls, electricity, plumbing, heating, etc. PLEASE HELP HER!!

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