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Sid Korpi has combined her varied professional experiences– as a writer, editor, English teacher, ordained minister/animal chaplain–with her lifelong devotion to the animal companions who have blessed and shared her life. In her award-winning book, Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss, she shares touching anecdotes and suggestions to foster healing for those who have lost their “dearest nonhuman friends, their pets.” After undergoing her own “tsumami of loss” of family members, pets and her marriage, she was inspired to write about her grief.

Before discussing pet loss, she shares a touching story that conveys how after our loved ones die, they often seem to send us signs of their continued presence in our lives. This phenomena also often occurs with pets. Many people say grieving pet loss is even harder than losing a human loved one.

Sid discusses what to watch for so you know when it’s time to seek medical attention or euthanize a pet. For example when the pet’s normally playful activities no longer seem so, pay attention to whether your pet might be experiencing pain. After the death of a pet, it’s healing to create some sort of memorial service for it. Both adults and children can create meaningful rituals to honor and thank their pet.
In her role as an animal chaplain, Sid is a grief counselor for the bereaved pet owners, both before and after their animal dies. One of the best ways to help a friend cope with his or her grief is to listen and be proactive in offering assistance during the first few days after their pet died. For more information, please visit