House of Ghosts

by Tom Fowler on Sunday, May 27, 2012 at 8:52am ·

House of Ghosts is a great little homage to William Castle produced by Christopher and Stephanie Mihm of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The DVD is a delight. Besides the feature film, which borrowed heavily from the 1959 version of House on Haunted Hill, (which most of my friends and fans know is my all-time favorite film of any genre), the DVD contains a number of special features, including a tour of the home the story was filmed in. After a William Castle like prologue from Mr. Mihm, warning of the risk the viewer incurs when viewing such a frightening film, the story begins when several friends gather in a very atmospheric old house and a spiritual medium is hired to provide the evening’s entertainment. The partyers are quite disappointed when nothing happens during the séance. But, soon they experience more than their money’s worth when strange things begin to happen. House of Ghosts is part House on Haunted Hill, part Night of the Living Dead and all parts fun. A twist ending of sorts pays homage to the science fiction films of the 1950s.

More on House of Ghosts is available at The DVD includes something I have needed for many years. The Fear Shield  has already proved to be invaluable in protecting me from excessive fright when viewing horror and science fiction films. I am certain this free gift from Mr. Mihm will add 5-10 years to my life expectancy.

I first became aware of Christopher Mihm’s work through his advertisements in Scary Monsters magazine. Needless to say, he has a new fan. Great old school stuff for 62 year old kids like me!

Oh, did I mention House of Ghosts is filmed in glorious black and white? However, the tour of the wonderful old Victorian house, built in 1886 and owned by two of the actors in the movie, Sid Korpi and Anthony Kaczor, is beautifully done in color.