Meet Bentley!


This little go-getter should be named Mustang or GTO. He’s a bit young to live up to his stately name, but he does know it and responds to it.

Bentley is 8 months old and is ready to learn….just about everything. His house manners are being worked on so he’s not yet completely housebroken.  However, he is crate-trained so that’s a good start. He loves to play with others (what puppy doesn’t?) and he likes his toys, too.

This little guy is a whirl-wind who needs a savvy terrier family willing to train him in all aspects.  You can’t let that cute puppy face get the best of you!  Photos of this little dynamo are attached.

Bentley is a puppy who needs somebody to give him a good start into dogdom so that he and his family can enjoy Westie life to its fullest.


If you are interested in adopting Bentley, please call John or Steph Wisecarver at  320-963-6085.