Cesar’s Foster Dad, Greg, has written the following bio on this sweet boy who is needing a new home…….

Meet Cesar!

I’m told he is 2yrs. old and weighs 22lbs. He is recently neutered. You may have seen his story on Petfinder. He has been staying with me and my other 2 Westies for the last 2 weeks. Were it not for a city ordinance that allows only 2 dogs, he would be staying here forever. He is a sweet and wonderful boy, and just a treat to have around.

He likes to play with toys, either with you or by himself, and would love to play with my dogs, but they are both older and uninterested. He loves to be petted and follows me wherever I go. Although energetic, he also takes a fair share of down time to stretch out and relax. We have been on several walks and he does well on a leash.

I have been crating him about 8hrs. per day on the days that I work, but recently have been leaving him out at night. Other than the desire to mark a couple of door jambs when he first arrived, housetraining has not been a problem.

He is not the perfect Cesar with the $100 haircut from the dog food commercials, but if you look below his ears and into his eyes, you will know that he is just as special.

Some recent photos are attached. If you are looking for a loving and loyal companion, would like to meet him, or have any questions, please call me at (763) 682-5074.

Cesar’s Foster Dad,

Greg Palmer