Loss of Family Dog and Passion for Creating Launches ‘Kormanstudio Custom Pet Sculptures and Urns’

Kormanstudio Custom Pet Sculptures and Urns was recently opened by artist Tony Korman. His past experiences with pet loss inspired him to use his talents to start sculpting one of a kind statues of pets past and present for others. They are available in various sizes an come mounted on wooden bases or urn boxes.

Quote startPets give us so much affection and joy that it supersedes the pain of their death.Quote end

Sauk Rapids, MN (PRWEB) August 15, 2011

Sometimes a new business is born by combining the use of a lifelong talent to help cope with a tragic personal loss and then sharing this to help others. This was certainly the case for Kormanstudio Custom Pet Sculptures and Urns. “We lost our family dog when he ran away from relatives that were watching him for us when we took our kids on a weekend vacation,” says Tony Korman owner and artist of Kormanstudio Custom Pet Sculptures and Urns where he creates unique hand sculpted and painted representations of pets based on photos. “After an exhausting search of the area over the course of several days we had to come to terms that we would never bring Buddy our dog home again.”


buddy's urn

With the relatively short lifespan of pets as compared to their owners it is inevitable that if pets are wanted in our lives we are destined at some time or another to suffer losing them leaving an empty spot inside that they once filled. So why do people so willingly set themselves up for this unavoidable tragedy? “It’s easy, the positives outweigh the negatives,” Tony states. “Pets give us so much affection and joy that it supersedes the pain of their death. It is proven over and over by how we often deal with their loss…by getting another one. In some way we honor a pet after their loss by getting another showing how much their companionship and unconditional love is missed. Creating memories so strong and cherished that life is better with them in it than without,” says Tony.

Since a child, Tony had a great love and talent for creating art that represented the world around him. He began wondering how he could use that to honor the memory of Buddy. This was the genesis of “Kormanstudio Custom Pet Sculptures and Urns.” He began to construct a small sculpture from the photos he had of him out of polymer clay. Making Buddy’s collar with the little tags and bell on it just right and making sure he painted the unique markings of his fur. “Throughout the project I felt a sense that this tribute to our lost dog brought a sense of closure to the emptiness that I had been experiencing. I was forever memorializing my dog through my art and when looked upon brings back memories of the good times that we shared and I could now move forward from this point.” Kormanstudio allows Tony to share this experience and talent with others every time he creates a custom sculpture for a client. He works closely with them sending images of the sculptures during different stages of the process. “I want my clients to feel that they have had an active role in the creation of the sculptures I create for them. That I can recreate that sense of closure for them that I did for myself when I lost my dog. I believe that everyone’s story of pain and loss is unique and I hope in someway I can model my experiences of healing to help them with theirs.”

About Kormanstudio Custom Pet Sculptures and Urns.
Founded by Tony Korman, Kormanstudio has created dozens of sculptures for his clients of pets both living and that have passed away. A lifelong artist and pet owner he believes that good communication and working together on a project is the key to its success. Customer service and the uniqueness of his work are the hallmarks of his studio.

Tony Korman, Owner/Artist
Kormanstudio Custom Pet Sculptures and Urns