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Thursday came, and with it the event I’d been anticipating for over a week: Attack of the Moon Zombies playing at the New Hope Cinema Grill. The movie is by a local guy named Christopher R. Mihm (website here), who makes retro-style b-movies. You know, “Attack of the radioactive something-or-others” or “Monster from a mysterious-sounding place”. I love those movies. So when I saw in the local paper that a movie called “Attack of the Moon Zombies” would be screening near me, I had to go. My friend Kt, also a lover of cheesy movies, came as well. The movie was hilarious, with the right balance of in-jokes about the genre and playing it “straight”, and the brilliantly-written plot and dialogue oozing with all the gooey cheesiness of a ’50s drive-in thriller. It was in black-and-white as well, which just made the whole thing.