From his spelling of “neighbour,” I’m guessing this is one of Christopher R. Mihm’s international fans! Great buzz about the movie. It’s exciting to see, even post-premiere. Hope the author feels just as excited about the film once he’s seen it!—Sid
Life beyond Earth- Download Attack of the Moon Zombies Movie
May 30, 2011 | Author: club george | Posted in Movies

Sci-fi films capture the imagination of human mind. All the concepts like flying cars, talking robots, and aliens invading earth that look bizarre to common mind become a reality for at least two hours on the silver screen. No wonder, this genre is a hit among audience. With plethora of films being released, the year belongs to sci-fi. A new film to join the bandwagon is Attack of the Moon Zombies. This film delves deeper into Eartha€™s nearest neighbour moon and showcase the possibility of existence of alien plant life. The dramatic concept coupled with convincing screenplay has aroused positive interest from movie aficionados. This flick is slated to hit US theatres on May 25, 2011. You can download Attack of the Moon Zombies movie from June onwards.

The plot of the film is unique and intriguing. Dr. Vincent Edwards is a renowned scientist with many new discoveries to his credit. His classic experiment that he undertook on certain radiation mutated bat creatures around twenty years ago earned him accolades from the world. As he prepares to retire and trains his protA©gA© on Jackson Lunar Base, the two stumble upon a seemingly new discovery- alien plant life on the surface of the moon. Both are exhilarated on development of this path breaking discovery. You can watch movies online for free from the internet.

Their excitement turns into nightmare when they discover that exposure to the spores of this other worldly flora is fatal and can cause instant death. To add fuel to fire, these dead do not remain dead instead multiply in number endangering the life of others. What will these scientists do? Will they be able to find solution to this impending problem? Find out this and more when the film releases. You can watch Attack of the Moon Zombies movie online from the comfort of your living room. The film stars Daniel Sjerven, Michael Cook, Douglas Sidney, and others. Christopher R. Mihm directs this flick.

The official trailers released have evoked positive response from the audiences. The special effects used in the film will be visual delight for all movie goers. You can download Attack of the Moon Zombies movie or watch Attack of the Moon Zombies movie online and catch the most awaited sci-fi film of the year.