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You are completely smitten with the furry ones sharing your home, and you go beyond the basics to keep them happy. You are no stranger to long walks on frigid days. Your kitchen is home to a cookie jar filled with treats that are not meant for you. You have baskets full of squeaky toys and tennis balls, and you’ve scoured the local shops looking for just the right beds to make them happy. (Maybe you even realized the perfect bed was yours–Don’t worry, I won’t tell.) — They are lucky to have found their home with you.

But, you don’t see it that way…You see gentle souls and unconditional love. Best friends that greet you at the door to welcome you home. Individuals who make your heart so much bigger, and who make you laugh every. single. day. — In your eyes, you are the lucky one.

i think you’re both right

Lucky Mutt Photography specializes in capturing everyday moments between pets and their people. Sessions most often take place at home where everyone is their most comfortable self, and where–without backdrops or studio lights–the real life moments between two and four-legged family members become the focus of your photos.