Meet Lorenzo!

Here’s Lorenzo – after nearly 5 years with his family, his environment changed and he’s not very happy about it. So, Lorenzo is looking for a new family.

This little guy sounds like a GEM!  He will be 5 in April; is neutered and up-to-date on his vaccinations. Is crate-trained and house broken. He does NOT care for young children; has NOT bitten, but probably out of nervousness, growls at their new baby (now 1 year old and becoming active). He does very well with older children (10 years +) and adults.  He is also friendly with other dogs.

These people speak Spanish in their home so Lorenzo does not know any English commands, but I’m sure he could be taught. He has spent time with English speaking families when Gabriela and family have traveled so he should do fine.

He did have potty accidents in the home after the baby was born; the baby was a preemie so he was home alone for a long time before the baby came home. He no longer has accidents; he IS house broken, however, keep in mind a new dog will most likely have an accident or two after moving into a new home.

Gabriela’s words:

Lorenzo loves to be pet but not all the time. He looks for you or if you do it, he stays shortly and then he leaves. He likes to sleep a lot and when he is awake, he plays whit his own toys (balls). Sometimes, he barks a lot. It happens when he sees animals outside or people around the house. I would say that we are use to it but I don’t know if it would be too much for a new family. My husband is who feeds him, showers him and walks him most of the time so Lorenzo loves him. We can say that my husband is the pack leader so Lorenzo follows his rules all the time. He doesn’t understand commands like “seat, silence, down, etc”, since we didn’t teach eat and we speak Spanish at home. But, he does that when we ask him to do it and he has lived so many times with american families (when I go to my country)  that don’t speak Spanish so the language shouldn’t be a problem. He likes calm and quiet, predictable and quiee places, my house used to be like that. He needs his routine and when he is out of it, he seems to be upset. Before the baby, he used to be free at home (never did something to my furniture or the house in general)  when he was alone but now, he is in the kennel. He is fine with it and it is not a problem for him to get into the crate.

He sounds like a typical Westie in all ways – and he’s darn cute! I think he’s in a crate quite a bit now because of the baby…..he needs to be free again and enjoy a family that has more time for him.

Here’s Gabriela’s phone number – they live in Minnetonka.  952-913-0152

Please call her if you are interested in Lorenzo.