Yesterday, our new family member, Oliver, a 6-year-old Westie we adopted a month ago, had to undergo surgery for a bladder stone and benign-cyst removal. Dr. Daniel Oakes of Diamond Lake Animal Hospital in Minneapolis performed the surgery and reported, thankfully, that the stone was the only one there and was obviously the cause of Oliver’s peeing blood earlier this week. (His previous owner reported she’d seen this happen two months ago but her vet blew it off as no biggie as long as the blood wasn’t always there.)

At least we know he’s had it much longer than the time he’s been with us. (Less guilt for us.)

Below are photos of our groggy, postoperative pooch, as well as one of the somewhat hideous yet fascinating, jagged-surfaced bladder stone. (The vet didn’t save the disgusting substance that had filled the cyst, but he assured us it was really gross.) I’m kind of sorry I missed it.

Anyway, Oliver is doing well, which is great, except for he thinks he’s fine to try and roughhouse with Keely and Ambrose as they go full-tilt into wrestle mode. You try keeping a Westie “quiet” when that’s going on!

A million thanks to all of you who sent him your thoughts, prayers and healing energy. I KNOW it all helped immeasurably.—Sid

Still groggy, Oliver under the table.

The cyst-removal incision.

Can dogs have reverse Mohawks?

Rejoining the pack, with Keely

Be sure to click on this for a close up!