Just wanted to let you know the latest on our newest little Westie, Oliver (see attached picture). We were out on a walk yesterday when, completely unlike me, I actually paid attention to him as he peed on a tree. My heart about stopped when I saw he was peeing blood! I took him directly to the vet, where he had x-rays done and a huge bladder stone was revealed. The poor guy is going to have surgery tomorrow morning. At least we’ll get everything done at once, though. He’ll get his teeth cleaned and a benign fatty tumor removed at the same time. All for the low, low cost of $1,000! Yippee!!

I think he knows we’re trying to help him because he was a saint at the vet’s office, no growling or snapping at all.

Please send him some healing energy and happy thoughts when you get a chance. We want a full and speedy recovery for him.

Oliver the kissybug, with his daddy