Paying Tribute with a Memorial for your Pet

Many of us consider our pets part of the family. I know I dote on my cats like they are my children; the benefit I get form this is a feeling love and connection that is hard to beat. So when a pet passes away it can be a hard thing to deal with.

It’s important for us to take time out and remember the animal and the times we had with them. This kind of reflection is necessary and will almost certainly happen at some point whether you want it to or not. I lost my cat one summer to wild animals. During this time I was out of the house a lot and had some real responsibilities to deal with. So I didn’t have to much time to reflect on the loss. But after things settled down I found myself thinking quite a bit about that animal. My memorial to Mina, is a framed photo that I keep up in my house. I enjoy to have this photo up because it reminds me of her dainty features.

There are several ways to memorialize a pet and many include displaying a photograph. This photo can displayed on the wall or on a pet urn. If you chose to cremate your pet you will likely leave the animal at the veterinarian, who will them move the animal to the pet crematorium. Then you will receive the cremated remains in a bag with a coin, used to identify the cremains. You may want to choose a pet urn before you pick up these remains as you will be able to carry them in a sturdy urn that will keep them safe. There may be some confusion about urns and memorials. It is possible for your to get a memorial that looks like an urn, but will be a wonderful memorial that pays tribute to your pet. You may want to include some items that the animal used along with a photo. Don’t feel weird about creating a memorial for your pet, it’s a healthy and important choice.

Another option is burial, where you may bury the animal either on your property or in a cemetery. A common memorial for a pet that has been buried is a memorial plaque or flat headstone. These also are accompanied by a photograph of your dog or cat, that is engraved in the stone.

Which ever way you choose to memorialize your pet and pay tribute to their life and the times you had, be sure to feel your feelings and grieve. This healthy process allows us to come to terms with our loss. Thank you for reading.

Guest post by Pets to Rest