The ever-creative, always insane B-movie maker Christopher R. Mihm is up to his old (as in 1950s-drive-in-like) tricks in his upcoming feature film, “Attack of the Moon Zombies.” My three Westies, Blanche, Keely and Ambrose are associate producers this time; my hubby, Anthony Kaczor, is playing Dr. Phillips; and I got promoted to Administrator Ripley (I was formerly to be Dr. Rutherford) mostly thanks to Mihm’s lovely wife Stephanie wanting a smaller part because she’s recently had a baby and wants to be less overloaded at this point. This is the third role in a row I’ve simply been offered by a director out of the blue. (The last two plays I was in followed this astounding pattern.) The Universe, and these daring directors, rock!!

Not having yet read the script, I really have no idea what this all means. I only know that my stalking this director a few years back—downloading a photo of my high school trophy and medal for theater as proof that I was “talented” and vowing I must have something to do with one of his movies before I died (as an extra, a prop mistress, key grip, what have you)—has proven marvelously fruitful in the area of making my life one big, silly adventure. Consider becoming an associate producer yourself (or in honor of your pet). There’s a link below to tell you how. I’ll keep you posted as this particular adventure unfolds. —Sid

Attack of the Moon Zombies

Synopsis Twenty years have passed since Dr. Vincent Edwards (once again played by the ever-talented Mike Cook) took on a certain radiation-mutated bat creature and he is ready to retire. While training his replacement on the Jackson Lunar Base, the two stumble upon a seemingly impossible discovery: alien plant life on the surface of the moon! Unfortunately, exposure to the spores of this otherworldly flora cause instant death. Too bad those killed by them don’t stay dead and instead, want nothing more than to replicate!
Written, directed and edited by Christopher R. Mihm

Produced by Christopher R. Mihm and Stephanie Mihm

Executive Produced by Rylan Bachman and Mitchell A. Gonzales

Costumes by Maggie Schultz and Christopher R. Mihm

Creature Effects and Make-up by Mitchell A. Gonzales

Special digital effects by Christopher R. Mihm

Special miniature and practical effects by
Christopher R. Mihm, Mitch Gonzales, and Michael Kaiser

Mike Cook
Dr. Vincent Edwards
Michael Kaiser
Glen Hayes
Sid Korpi
Administrator Ripley
Douglas Sidney
Dr. Collins
Shannon McDonough
Dr. Hackett
Daniel R. Sjerven
Captain Herman Frehley
Robert Arndt
Dr. Banks
Stephanie Mihm
Dr. Rutherford
Mark Haider
Dr. Haterov
Christopher R. Mihm
Robert Ripley
Maggie Schultz
Dr. Deering
Robert Silinghia
Dr. Gabriel
Anthony Kaczor
Dr. Phillips
Dr. Rogers
Geoffrey Miller
Dr. Ito
Associate Producers

Bunch of Crazies (productions)
Jane Curry
Anjali DeMarco
Peter K. Flynn
Jennifer Goloboy
Elliot Gonzales
Nicholas Gonzales
Steven Hager
Ambrose, Blanche, & Keely Korpi-Kaczor
David Lund
James Norgard
Jean K. Wood
Steven Wood

Interested in becoming an associate producer?

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