I’m going with my sister tomorrow to visit a prospective poodle for adoption. I was called as a reference by the woman who is screening applicants for her dog’s new home. I understand the heartache of having to relinquish a beloved pet when you’ve lost your job and/or house and can no longer keep your dog with you. That’s NOT what’s happening here.

What I have trouble with is that she is, in essence, running an in-home puppy mill and because this dog, to whom she refers as her household pet for seven years and who slept in bed with her that whole time, didn’t have enough litters or produce show-quality pups, she’s getting rid of her to make room for another money-making bitch.

What stuck in my craw was that she actually admires her own behavior. She literally told me, “It’s the most loving thing I can do to let my poodles go” [when I’m through using up their uteruses]—brackets text mine. I’m really unable to wrap my mind around how someone can think she is almost “saintly” for throwing away her supposedly in all other ways perfect pet for another buck. Our pets are not commodities!

My sister and I know it will be VERY hard to bite our tongues toward this woman tomorrow, but we don’t want the dog to suffer, which it would if the woman declines my sister’s application. Loving our pets unconditionally and with total devotion is a family trait, so I know this poodle is in for a delightful future home. It just breaks our hearts to think of her confusion over why she’s being given up in the first place.
Please, everyone, support rescue, not professional breeders when you get your next pet.