It’s often quite difficult knowing what to do or say to help a friend through the pain of pet loss. I came across this article by Kali Winters and appreciated her suggestions. I found these ideas quite apropos and wanted to share them with you. See also my Pet Memorial Products listings page for more ideas.—Sid Korpi

Each person handles loss differently and the loss of a pet is no exception. A simple gift basket containing several sentimental items is a wonderful way to show someone you care and extend your deepest sympathies for his loss.

A Memory Box

A memory box is a wonderful item to include in a gift basket for pet loss. It can hold photos of the pet, the pet’s collar and certificates of birth and/or death. Often times a pet owner will keep some of her pet’s personal items and having a beautifully crafted box to keep them in will be appreciated.

Personalized Cards

A card with a personal note is a great way to add that sentimental touch to your gift basket. You can also find poems on pet loss and include one inside the card.

Inspirational Book

A book of inspirational pet stories or a book on pet loss can be included in the gift basket. If you are not sure which book to choose, simply give a gift card to an online bookstore or, if you are near each other, choose a local bookstore.

Personalized Items

If you are able to get a hold of a photo of the pet, you can have that photo put on a mug, a tote bag, mouse pad, or even a shirt. Many places online will personalize items. Personalized calendars are very popular as well and if you have access to several photos of the pet, having a calendar made is a wonderful gesture.


If you do not have a photo of the pet but you know what type of breed the pet was, you can include a figurine of that breed in the gift basket. Go a step further and have it personalized with the pet’s name.

Photo Album

A blank photo album is perfect for the pet owner to use to keep photos of her pet. Offer to help her go through photos and add them to the photo album. This is a wonderful way to show your support and it gives her a chance to look through photos and be able to talk to talk about the pet and recall fond memories. This may even stir up some heart-felt laughter.


A box of tissues show that you understanding of the magnitude of the loss and that it is okay to mourn.