I recently got to participate in a fundraiser for the Pet Project and later met the founder of this wonderful organization, Kim Carrier, that is committed to helping families keep their pets with them despite financial hardship by providing a Food Shelf service for companion animals. Please read on to learn more about this dedicated nonprofit and do what you can to support its efforts. —Sid

Our Mission:
The Pet Project helps people keep their pets by providing pet food and basic supplies to those who are struggling.

The Pet Project also provides connections to basic veterinary care and information on finding pet-friendly housing.

Why We Do It:
Good pet owners have deep connections with their pets. Anyone who’s ever lived with an animal knows that they give us much more than they could ever take. We would really like to change the way the world thinks about relationships with pets and the role they play in our lives. The lessons of empathy, compassion, and responsibility that our pets can teach us shouldn’t have to be lost due to poverty or unexpected life circumstances.

Equal to the human experience of that loss is what the pet is losing. None of these sweet creatures should have to lose a loving home. Shelters are over-crowded and underfunded. Rescue groups are bombarded with phone calls. Let’s leave them to do what they do best — take in unwanted, abused, and neglected animals. Let’s support them by not asking them to take in cherished pets. Together, those of us who love and get love from our pets can help others enjoy the same experience. Together, we can foster hope, confidence, and good health for families and their pets.

Who We Are:
We believe that the way we treat the least fortunate among us, those with the quietest voices, those with the least power, and those who reach their hands out for help is what defines us as a society. We are people who find great courage in unexpected places, epiphanies in fleeting moments, and inspiration in the darkness. We believe that if you have more, you share it; if you know more, you teach it; if you have love, you give it.

Kimberly Carrier
Founder of The Pet Project

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