The following was a heartfelt poem my brother Doug Spagenski wrote to our sister Diane following the loss of her schnauzer Pebbles. (Scroll down for her full story “The Ultimate Sacrifice…”.)

Dear Diane,

I’m sorry to hear that God has chosen to take your Pebbles from here to there. With empathy, I pray God gives you more strength each passing day. They say time heals; well then, why does it hurt me so to write these words? I miss my [own dog] King as you too will miss Pebbles I’m sure. A best little friend has left you again with a void that only time can begin to heal, one day at a time, no bark or spark to lighten your day. I pray that peace will come your way. As you miss your loving little friend, I do believe we will see them again. I’m sorry, Diane, for I thought she was fine. No more seizures was a peace of mind. As you walk, she will be with you, and all the love you had shared, she’ll be sharing with you. So as I stop for now, I want to say I know she’s jumping and playing with all those we’ve lost up till today. (You’re a beautiful sis, and I can promise you this.) Pebbles, King and all our pets are running and playing together in a special place until we can join their bliss. So I close asking God, please be with my sis and grant her happiness today and always. Let her find the peace and contentment that surpasses all understanding from humankind. That’s a blessing from God that’s yours and mine. I love you, Diane.

Doug, King and family