This is straying from my usual pet-centric entry, but it was just too goofy/cool not to share. This past weekend, I had a bunch of friends over for a game-playing party to celebrate my birthday early [it’s on January 27 if you’re planning on shopping!]. We went old school and played charades for a good portion of the 9.5-hour marathon. That’s goofy/cool enough, but that’s not what this post is really about.

A bit of background first. My friend Lori Soyring, who’d been my best bud through junior and senior high, and I only recently became happily reacquainted through the marvels of Facebook. She and her significant other, Keith, were at this charades shindig when, out of the blue and apropos of nothing in particular, she says, “You know who just friended me on Facebook? Steve H…”

I nearly screamed and ran over to her, shouting, “No WAY!!! I just this morning dreamed of Steve H…!!!” I explained that I’d not even thought of the guy, who was just a friendly acquaintance back in the ’80s, for decades; yet here I was, having a dream with him in it the same day he connected with my former high school BFF on FB…OMG, LOL!

I told her, “In the dream, I was being reintroduced to him. He had actually aged normally. I walked up to him and laughingly told him, ‘Don’t flip your eyelids back again!'” This was one of the most memorable things about him. We’d all be sitting at the lunch table in the high school cafeteria and he’d turn his eyelids inside out to make them look all bloody and subsequently make us want to hurl! He loved when girls screamed and cringed at him, I guess. Then, a flood of little memories about him came back, too. Such as the fact that he admitted that “Little House on the Prairie” sometimes made him cry, he sang tenor in our choir, and he had aspirations of becoming a butcher someday.

Lori said, “Oh yeah! That’s what he did [the eyelid thing]. I couldn’t remember what it was.”

We both marveled at the bizarre workings of my mind then resumed the game, watching someone act out “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

The reason I included this on my Good Grief blog is because it reinforces my assertion that dreams can carry accurate messages even for none “psychic” people. In this case, it was from a long lost school chum, but it can just as often be from those on the Other Side—be it our pets or humans we’ve lost. We can’t always control how, when, or from whom the messages may come, of course. Sometimes they’re poignant, sometimes they’re healing, and sometimes they’re just goofy/cool.

The important thing is to be open to the experience and don’t fear it. It’s great entertainment and gives you something to talk about at cocktail parties.